Thursday, January 12, 2006

Liberal meltdown live during the debate

My my MY!  Lookee here!  The Liberals have wisely withdrawn this advertisement, which reveals a lot more about them than their target, Stephen Harper.  These people are NUTS ladies and germs!  They are completely bonkers!  View the video, it is really quite amazing.  They claim that Harper is going to put soldiers with guns in Canadian cities.  No kidding.  As if Canadian soldiers are some kind of storm troopers, that are going to shoot on sight.  Funny to see them admit this.

Ok, so that's not the whole story!  Here's the rest of it.  I linked to Angry In The Great White North, but its all over the blogs up here. 

Mike Duffy is a CTV talking head, and normally he's a Liberal buddy.  Paul Martin farts, Mike Duffy comments positively on the aroma.  He's a reliable Liberal newz reader, pretty much.

This clip is Mike Duffy telling off a top Liberal weenie (John Duffy, no relation) for trying to get Mike not to mention the ad.  So it would certainly seem that the Liberal apparatchiks are leaning HARD on their press boys to get the spin they want on the news.  Probably have been for quite a while.  It also seems the press boys are getting tired of being leaned on.  You can only kick the dog so many times, eh?

These Liberals are starting to get scared.  Makes me wonder how many more skeletons are falling out of closets up there in Ottawa right now.  Twelve years is a loooong time for bones to accumulate, I bet we are going to see some pretty serious shit come to light.

Should the Conservatives form a government, it will be VERY interesting to see how many Liberal Big Kahunas up stakes and move to places we don't have extradition treaties with.

The Phantom


Candace said...

I wonder how long it will take for those closet doors to open? Feb/March/April should be interesting news months, methinks.

The Phantom said...

Hiya Candace! I don't think it will be that long, stuff is tumbling out right now. Tong Sung Park/Maurice Strong fer example! Heady days indeed!