Monday, January 09, 2006

The results of mindless leniency.

An 11 year old girl was abducted from her home near Shellbrook Sask. on Monday, choked, beaten and released to walk home.  Doesn't sound like much does it?  Not a hanging crime, certainly.

Well, let us get a little deeper here shall we?

The RCMP news release said the child was "released" from her abductor's vehicle outside the nearby community of Canwood, where she walked into town and reported the incident at a local business. That makes it sound like she didn't have far to go, her uncle said.

"This kid walked from near Canwood where she was thrown out, down the ditch to Shellbrook . . . and on our way home we could see the prints. She said, 'Uncle, when I seen lights come I had to hide in the ditch because I didn't want to get taken again.' She was burying herself in the snowbanks to hide from the cars because she was too scared to seek help from the cars going by."

But wait, there's more.
The little girl was violently pushed out of the vehicle into the snow near Canwood and walked a considerable distance into Shellbrook without shoes or a jacket, developing frostbite on her feet, her uncle said.
Temperature in Canwood Sask. last night was around 21F or -6C depending on your taste.  Either way, that's friggin' cold.  From my reading of the map at Yahoo, the kid walked about 10k or more.  In the snow.  No coat. No shoes. Choked half to death.  Beat on, then tossed out of a moving car.  Hiding from the cars in the snowbanks in case he came back.

There's more, including the Keystone Kops cluster fuck regarding how the perp got caught here, but you can read all that yourself.  Kate at Small Dead Animals has some rather pointed comments regarding the case.  She lives out that way, apparently the perp is not a first timer at this kind of thing.  As usual.

We don't have a crime problem here in Canada.  What we have is a government problem.  Our government justice apparatus refuses to deter repeat offenders from making robbery, mayhem and murder into a career.  Its like a religious thing with them.  Any time some atrocity is inflicted upon an innocent like this little girl, or the 15 year old girl who got killed on Yonge St. on Boxing day due to a firefight between gang bangers, or you friggin' name it all we hear about is tolerance for minorities and increasing spending on social programs. 

Punishment  for the guilty?  Never hear it.  And that I think is why we have a problem with these dirtbags.  If they though something really BAD would happen to them they wouldn't pull this crap.

Just remember on election day who wants to punish the guilty instead of hosting Midnight Basketball games.  Hint, its the CONSERVATIVES!!!

The Phantom

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