Friday, January 20, 2006

Al Qaeda targets Alaska pipeline.

So much for the peace through superior groveling crowd.  From the National Post today:
B.C.'s energy sector is on heightened alert after an al-Qaida-affiliated Internet blog message called on Canadian and U.S. jihadists to attack an Alaskan oil pipeline.
"The most suitable candidates for these operations are our American Muslim brothers who live on the land of trash . . . Also, we can add to this jihad group any other groups who can reach the American terrorist regime, either directly or through neighbouring countries, like Canada or Mexico," the posting says.

What is even better is that Canadian Forces doesn't have the equipment or the manpower to secure that pipeline.  If it needs to be protected, American troops are going to be the ones doing it.  We don't have the aircraft, helicopters nor even SNOWMOBILES to put men on the ground fast if they are needed.  We don't have the fancy surveillance gear.  We don't have anything, really.  Well, other than a really nice collection of 1960's military antiques.  Some of the stuff still works too!

Thank you Mr. Chretien, Mr. Martin and especially Mr. Trudeau.  Good thinking, you saps.

The Phantom

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