Monday, January 23, 2006

Harper speaks the essence.

Mr. Harper may look like a robot, he is after all a pretty stiff guy.  But when it comes to pithy statements of truth, he's got a knack.  Here's as good an encapsulation of the whole campaign as I've seen from anyone.  h/t Neal News.
Harper was asked about the Liberal strategy of the last several days that seemed bent on getting voters to hate Conservatives and Harper. "Canadians don't hate things. That is not the nature of Canadians. Canadians can disagree but it takes a lot to get Canadians to intensely hate something or hate somebody and usually it involves hockey."
Now THAT is a Canadian Value.  Hate and fear don't sell well in Canada.  The West does not hate and fear Quebec.  They're irritated for sure, but a righting of a few wrongs, a gesture of respect or two and they will be ok with the whole thing.  Likewise Ontario does not hate and fear the West or Quebec. 

There are hateful and fearful examples from Moronto (subset of Toronto:), but these people are Lefty and Righty fringy types.  The fringe isn't the mainstream, its where the fruitloops go to rave.

So the spectacle of Martin running from Victoria to Halifax, trying to create hate and fear between regions of the country, just for his own personal benefit, that was really something.  What a wanker.  Even the media couldn't stand it this time.

Go forth and vote Conservative today, would be my advice.

The Phantom

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