Saturday, January 21, 2006

Official Canadian Government Policy on Gun Owners: GET OUT!

h/t to Kate at SDA and Steve at Angry.

Lots of people over the years have intimated to me that I am a paranoid nutcase.  I've been saying the Liberal Party (and the NDP too for that matter) has declared war on gun owners.  They intend to ban guns, but more than that they intend to punish anyone insane enough to even want one.  That seems nuts, right?

I wish it was.
Don Lindsay's self destruction continued when club member and Canadian Veteran George Tompkins stood to ask the candidates his question. "If the handgun ban goes forward.  What plan would your party offer to compensate those of us who legally own the guns that would be confiscated?"  To which Lindsay replied "Sir America is our neighbor not our nation, if you elect a society that talks about that kind of perspective I suggest that perhaps you go there!" 
Mr. Lindsay is a Liberal MP.  One could say he's just one guy having a meltdown, but Paul Martin has said this kind of thing before, on national TV too.  You want to own a gun?  Move to America, damn you!  That's official policy of the ruling party, kids.  Kinda scary eh?

Good thing there's an election!

The Phantom

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