Friday, January 20, 2006

One more reason to vote Conservative.

It'll torque off Michael Moore.  BWAHAHA!!!

The Phantom


Paladiea said...

Wow all this ranting and not a single comment :(

*pat pat*

The Phantom said...

Nothing of substance, just a cheap shot? Do I do that at your place Pal?

Come on, say something constructive! I dares ya!

Paladiea said...

How's this:

Voting Conservative to piss off Michael Moore? Is it always wise to vote to piss people off instead of voting on who you think best represents your best interests and the best interests of Canadians in general?

Foolish assertations generate foolish commentary if it generates commentary at all.

The Phantom said...

Your point is well taken, now that you've made one.

However, at the moment we are in the happy position of being able to do both. Voting Conservative rather than Liberal or
NDP is most asuredly in my and everyone else's best interest, and as an added bonus it will piss Michael Moore right the hell off.

How great is that? :)