Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Tuberculosis outbreak at Sacramento CA high school.

That was fast! Proof that you must never doubt The Phantom, the Sacramento Bee reports that a high schooler managed to infect four other kids at the school plus some relatives, for a total of nine TB cases... that they know of.

A California high school is at the center of a tuberculosis outbreak linked to an infectious student who tested positive for active TB in February, county health officials said Wednesday.
Four more students at Grant Union High School in Sacramento have contracted active TB. Three related tuberculosis cases are considered an outbreak, Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services spokeswoman Laura McCasland said.
Four relatives and friends of the student who initially tested positive have also contracted active TB — bringing the total to nine known cases.

And that my friends is why allowing 10,000 illegals a week to enter the USA unopposed is a really, really bad idea. You could catch this. For real.

This is the least disgusting picture of TB I could come up with. 

Tuberculosis ain't the flu. It is a life-altering and potentially fatal disease. If not caught right away, it will eat holes in your lungs.

 The image above in instructive.White arrows point to scarring, black arrows point to a big fucking hole in this poor bastard's lung. You better believe that hurts, too. Think cigaret burn, but -inside-.

The Vancomycin resistant strains are virtually untreatable, they can kill you even if caught in time.

Cue the liberals shrieking RAAAAAAACIST!!!! in 3, 2, 1...

Our American friends are advised to CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES in the federal, state and local government, plus any level of the DemocRat Party, and ask them why the US government thinks its a good idea to import and release into the general population people carrying this horrific disease.

The Phantom

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Bill Elder said...

Latest blub coming out of the USSA is that the CDC has been ordered to stand down on the sickness observed by border security in the illegals holding camps. They are being sent directly into the heartland sans any Ellis island medical scrutiny. If I wanted to start a pandemic in America this is how I'd do it.

There are true criminals running Washington.