Wednesday, July 30, 2014

That didn't take long. Immigrant facility locked down for outbreak of chicken pox.

Sucks to be right sometimes.

The federal government's new facility to house illegal immigrant families surging across the border has been put on lockdown because of chicken pox, with no immigrants allowed to be transferred in or out, a congressman said this week.

Hundreds of illegal immigrants being kept at the campus of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, New Mexico, are being treated for and vaccinated against chicken pox after an outbreak, said Rep. Steve Pearce, the Republican congressman whose district includes Artesia.

"As the FLETC facility reaches maximum capacity, I am increasingly concerned for the health and safety of the women and children at FLETC and for the local community. The virus, that has caused two residents to be put in isolation, has halted all departures," Mr. Pearce said.

So, chicken pox, no big deal right? Unless you haven't been vaccinated and catch it as an adult. Then it'll kick your ass.

Now imagine plague, as I've been saying. It could -easily- happen. Fleas are equal opportunity germ spreaders.

Or Ebola.

Nigeria felt a chill from the hot zone when a 40-year-old man collapsed and died from the dread Ebola virus after flying there from Liberia.

That hot zone chill now reaches America, with word that the same man was scheduled to fly to Minneapolis in time for an August 16 party celebrating the birthdays of two of his three young daughters.

Patrick Sawyer was a naturalized U.S. citizen who worked for the Finance Ministry of his native Liberia and returned home to his wife and children in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, whenever he could. He almost certainly would have boarded that flight to Minneapolis had he remained at least outwardly healthy enough not to exhibit symptoms.

That could easily happen too. Guy hops a flight to Mexico, infects some fellow Death Train travelers before he falls off someplace, they make it through the desert to a nice Federal Processing Facility/concentration camp and spread it to a couple hundred people as they get processed, they start feeling a bit poorly as they ride a public train to a new city...

That's all accidental. That's just because you've got huge numbers of Third World people crushed into close confines to swap infections.

Now imagine what somebody with half a clue could do deliberately. The USA does have enemies in the world, and some of them aren't too particular who they kill.

Now call your Congressman's office and melt his phone, True Believers.

By the way, the above nightmare scenarios will suck less than the long term effects of drug resistant Tuberculosis on the US populace. Just so ya know what you're dealing with.

The Phantom

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Knight 99 said...

None of this is coincidence, its stealth biological warfare perpetrated by America’s enemies within.