Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The "mystery" of why Conservatives hate "free" healthcare.

This is something that's bugging me this morning, and I just have to vent it.

It is no secret that Conservatives everywhere are against "socialized medicine", otherwise known as "the single payer model", "Medicare", the "Canadian/Cuban/North Korean model", or as I like to call it, The Free Lunch.

The "mystery" to Lefties and liberals of all stripes is why this is so. They don't understand. "Why do you hate poor people? What about the POOR?!!!!" is all you ever hear out of a Lefty when the conversation arises.

There are two factors, one of which is that any bureaucracy will grow to consume more than the available amount of funds, and deliver ever decreasing service for every budget increase. But that's just a money argument, and as we know money arguments make no impact on Lefties because they can't count. They can only feeeeeeel.

So here's the Feeeeeeeeeeeeelings argument, for all you innumerate sons of bitches who want to know why I, The Phantom, hate poor people.

The answer, dear Lefty, is: You're a fucking Moron.

You're a moron if you think free healthcare helps the poor. It doesn't. Because for most people, if you didn't pay money for a thing, it has no value.

People don't say thank you at the Free Lunch. They complain about the food. And they waste it.

It is a very well documented fact that the most successful health systems, with the best outcomes, are two-tier systems with co-pays. This means, morons!, that there is a public-pay section with public hospitals for the poor, and there is a private hospital system for the "lucky" 90% who work for a living and pay for their own health insurance. A co-pay means that rich or poor, everybody pays money when they visit the doctor. It works better than the "free" system. Every single time.

But WHY does it work better? Because when a human being works for a thing, they value that thing more than if they picked it up off the side of the road.

See, Lefty morons try to make it about the rich doctors grubbing money from the poor patients. But that's not what its about.

Its about the poor patient showing up at the doctors office because they have a hangnail. And getting up in everybody's face about how its their right to have their hangnail clipped by the $200/hr physician because it just is. And how its inhuman that they have to wait two hours because there's forty other morons with hangnails ahead of them. And how the doctor is stupid anyway, and the nurse is ugly, and I'm going to SUE!!!! And never mind that sick guy in the corner who might be dead, I'm going to SUE!!!!

That's the life of a Canadian doctor. (Also a Veteran's Administration doctor.)

If you make Mr. Hangnail pay even five dollars, that's $5.00 for those of you Lefty morons who can count, this entire problem goes away. For five bucks Mr. Hangnail will clip his own friggin' hangnail, and he will be a lot more inclined to LISTEN TO THE DOCTOR when he/she tells him to quit drinking Sterno before it destroys his liver. And maybe be a little more careful about his blood sugar to manage his diabetes so he doesn't lose his other, remaining leg. Or go blind. Or, you know, die.

Is the doctor making out like a bandit over the five bucks? No.

Is Mr. Hangnail poor guy going to -expire- if he has to pay five bucks? Will he have to sell his big screen TV to get healthcare? Will five bucks from his welfare check mean he has to eat dog food for a week? Uh, no.

At worst, five minutes of begging outside the hospital will get him five bucks. And gee whiz, maybe the hospital might agree to waive the co-pay for destitute guys who show up busted in the ER. Wow, could happen right? Maybe some big hearted Christian charity (like the Shriners!) might endow entire freakin' private charity hospitals for the destitute. Oh, wait, they already did.

So there you go, Lefties. Might want to think about who actually hates the poor and works to keep them down. If you can think, anyway. Morons!

The Phantom


Anonymous said...

Well if you have ever lived in a communal apartment with a bunch of students you know nothing ever gets cleaned and no food in the fridge is sacred unless some rules are laid down and even then. Anything that is shared by everybody is not looked after or valued.

The Phantom said...

That particular affliction I managed to avoid. Room mates, ughh!

It is noteworthy that even the Hutterites have trouble with communal property not being valued.