Friday, July 04, 2014

Armpit hair is now political.

Apparently there's political gold in women's armpit hair. Also, extra credit at university.

Female Arizona State University students can receive extra credit for defying social norms and refusing to shave for 10 weeks during the semester.

Women and Gender Studies Professor Breanne Fahs, encourages her female students to cease shaving their underarms and legs during the semester and document their experiences in a journal.

When I was a lad in university we used to call this "camping". You know, back in the Dark Ages of 1970's when dinosaurs roamed the earth.  But I guess in these modern times people are more sensitive to this kind of thing. Here's what one chick said about her life changing experience:

Participant and student Jaqueline Gonzalez said the experience allowed her to start on a path of activism.

"The experience helped me better understand how pervasive gendered socialization is in our culture. Furthermore, by doing this kind of activist project I was no longer an armchair activist theorizing in the classroom." she said. "So much is learned by actually taking part in the theory or idea we learn in the classroom, and we could benefit from this type of pedagogy being taken up by similar classes."

I agree! I think college students could benefit from getting extra credit in Math for example, if they gave up using an electronic calculator for ten weeks. Particularly Liberal Arts majors and Wimmin's Studies. Or Wymen's. Or is it Womyn's?

Break out those slide rules, girls.

The Phantom

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