Thursday, July 17, 2014

And now, Marvel makes Captain America black.

Yesterday it was revealed that Marvel Comics is turning The Mighty Thor into a chick. Today, Captain America becomes a Black guy.

Marvel is aiming for greater diversity in its big titles, hence these important changes to major characters.

Comic book fans had long-rumoured the shift from Rogers to his old ally Wilson, with the latter set to take up the founding Avenger's patriotic shield this October.

Wilson is set to star in Rick Remender's Captain America #25 with art by Carlos Pacheco. Concept art taken from the cover to All-New Captain American #1 tells fans that his costume will blend elements from his Falcon outfit with Captain America's classic style.

Because seeing a White man fighting evil super villains is -so- 20th Century. Their sales must be in the absolute toilet these days or they wouldn't be destroying their brand like this with desperation, sales-whoring shock tactics.

Look for Thor-ette #1 and Captain (Afro)America #1 in October, then in the fifty cent bin come January.

Next up, Iron Man is secretly gay. Or a tranny. Or a gay tranny. (Yeah, figure that one out.)

The Ex-Comic Collector Phantom


Alyric said...

Wake me up when Director Fury becomes a half-Native American, half Chinese bisexual vegan 'climate change champion' that spends most of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s resources assisting Greenpeace and the Animal Liberation Front.

...on second thought, don't.

Marvel either hates money, or they've made so much of it that they've completely forgotten how to make more.

The Phantom said...

I think its more that the people who manage Marvel and the people who write and draw it all live in New York City. They can't -imagine- anyone having an opinion about anything that differs substantially from their own.

This is because they've never been farther from Manhattan than Rockaway Beach, and they've never even met a real live Conservative.

New York is one of the most insular and provincial places I've ever lived. When they say "cosmopolitan" they mean "foreigners come here sometimes". Like Toronto, but so, so much worse.

And yay, its going to bankrupt them.

WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

Some blogosphere wags have already christened Ms. Thor as Whor.

Sad to say, I think she'll live down to that billing.