Monday, July 28, 2014

Wonder Woman: Comics taken over by perves. Stupid ones.

Latest slap in the face to comic fans? Wonder Woman Movie.

To play the super-powered Princess of the Amazons, they pick a short, skinny Israeli model with arms like pipe cleaners. Because obviously there are no large-framed Greek girls who look good in a bathing suit left on the entire Planet Earth. That's the stupid part.

The pervy part? Bondage leather.

Hurt me hurt me, tiny skinny model person.

Because obviously the Princess of the Amazons is going to pick her battle armor so it doesn't cover anything important (like her NECK) but its real butch, it makes the most of her rack and makes her butt look goooood. Even though she's fighting in a volcano. Which would be kind of scalding hot on the skin if she fell down, one would think.

And of course she's going to leave her hair flying out like that so it will get in her eyes and provide a nice handle for somebody to grab. Not to mention it will catch in the bow string of the bow she doesn't have.

Because in Pervo Universe good hair and a nice rack is way more important than... well, pretty much anything.

So really, DC Comics is going to loose another buttload of money on another Green Lantern-style flop, and you can tell just from the first advertising stills. Because why? Because they have no respect for their own characters, because they are a bunch of sexually deviant perverts who can't get their minds out of the gutter far enough even to get their chins up on the sidewalk, and most of all because they are STUPID.

Why are the Marvel Comics Avengers movies not like this? Probably because Stan Lee is still alive, and he won't let the pervy fools f- things up. Otherwise Captain America would be gay. And a chick. And black. And a Mooselimb. In a wheelchair. With good hair and a nice rack.

Not that there's anything wrong with gay black Mooselimb chicks in wheelchairs per se, but they don't resemble Captain America. And skinny models in bondage leather don't resemble Diana, Princess of the Amazons. Linda Carter does.

Maybe I'll catch it on Netflix. If I'm really, really bored.

The Phantom


Bill Elder said...

when I was a kid and a comic collector, we always called ww comics (beat books)for the obvious reason, and never handled them in the used comic stores. I see nothing has changed.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Marvel's been doing PC agitprop for years, from the new gay Spiderman to the new black Nick Fury. Stan Lee is just slightly less blatant about it, and has slightly more business sense than his rivals at DC.

Knight 99 said...

Umm I donno, I agree with the whole perverse Hollywood thing, enough is enough – But – Wonder Woman always seemed to have a sexualized side to the character, hence Linda Blair. In somewhat skimpy and revealing super heroine attire, for its day.

The whole Greek Amazon mythology smacks of sexual fetish in my opinion, along with most contemporary literature revolving around some form of sexualized fantasy when involving Amazon’s.

Like it or not, sex is the hook with Wonder Woman or the Amazons, if she was wearing a burka it still wouldn’t sell any more than a movie about fully uniformed Communist Women Warriors of Mao.

JMHO, I doubt I'll ever watch it, unless reeeeally bored.