Saturday, July 12, 2014

Planet of the target rich environment.

My comment on the newest, most flagrantly idiotic Planet of the Apes movie:


Hey, monkey! Who made that rifle, tough guy?

Humans are THE most bad-ass animal on this bad-ass animal planet, baby. We would frig those doofus monkeys up SO bad.

The Phantom Monkey Hunter


black mamba said...

My understanding is that the monkeys are supposed to be super-intelligent. You have to take that into consideration.

They're not like zombies. Zombies are stupid. Anyone can kill zombies.

And I don't think this film can possibly be as idiotic as the last one.

The Phantom said...

Can Super Monkey run ten miles, then swim two miles, then climb a tree?

Because we can.

Or I used to be able to anyway, before I became old and busted. :) I can still climb the tree, the running and swimming bit might be a bit much.

I think Larry Niven came up with that one. Can't remember where, but it pretty much covers the reason we rule the world. We are bad-ass.

Then there's the minor fact that there's 6 billion of us. How many super monkeys are there? Couple million?

Major. P0wnage. They would make monkey soup.

I'm proud to say I'm in no position to judge if the latest Apes flick is dumber than the last one, I haven't seen either of them. Not even on Netflix. Because exposure to weapons-grade stupid can damage brain cells, and I don't have any to spare these days.

Bill Elder said...

All these lame ape movies were snore fests and the last lot just plain stupid. I never spent dime on any of them and had a tough time lasting 10 min. when they run on TV. But it's not the vehicle that gags me on this, it's the obvious big brother messaging.

Anti-second amendment propagandizing from Hollywood will become the norm as the Hollywood Demonrat machine acts on the demands made by Obama when he visited there last to hold meetings with lefty true believers in the movie industry.

Then there was Holder’s seemingly outrageous Freudian statement about openly propagandizing and indoctrinating kids and public with anti-second amendment messaging. Well there’s your root cause for these 3rd rate kiddy flicks being so openly Pavlovian.

The Achilles heel of these Hollywood 2nd amendment-hater propagandists is the movie industry is still very much a business and it behoves the rest of the rational Free State America out there to make sure these propaganda bombs do just that, bomb at the box office. Two can play the Pavlov game and it is Hollywood and other Lefty activist businesses which rely on broad based patronage to show profitability who are vulnerable to backlash to their un-American politicing.

The Phantom said...

I know, Bill. It's barf inducing.

"If only we would have been nicer to the poor super-intelligent monkeys, and if only those horrible war monger white people would have all gone off somewhere out of the way and quietly died, then maybe the monkeys wouldn't have to rise up and enslave us all."

See my post today re: Mr. Holder, you'll like it.