Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Welcome to People's Republic of Canuckistan!

Where the sick line up for their medicine... outside.

Here's your H1N1 vaccine clinic in Cayuga Ontario today, Nov. 3 2009, at four o'clock in the afternoon give or take a bit. Temperature a nice windy, rainy 8 degrees C or ~48 Fahrenheit for y'all in America. Wait time, 3 hours. I asked.

Here it is again from another angle.

Take a good look Americans, this is what happens when you let government decide how its going to be in health care. They couldn't even find a heated building big enough for people to wait in. Like the arena. Which is about 30 yards from where this picture was taken.

Or a school. Or the court house. Or a friggin' barn, for crap sakes.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

Not a job fair huh?

The Phantom said...

Hi Fur. Nope, not a job fair, just what happens when brain dead government employees get to make all the arrangements.

Like, you make the "most at-risk population" of old people and little kids wait outside. In November. For three hours.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

Seems more like a cull.

recreantright said...

Oh, a cull - definitely a cull. But no death panels to be seen.

The Phantom said...

They already held the death panel. Old people and little kids were proclaimed expendable. That's why they have them standing out in the rain.