Thursday, November 19, 2009

Religion of Pieces?

Say what you want about rednecks and domestic violence, usually when they beat their ex to death it doesn't take six of them to git 'er done. One redneck, a case of beer and a pool cue is pretty much the norm.

And they don't usually cut bits off to save for later.

Just sayin'.

Oh and by the way. I wouldn't want to twist the multi-culti knife or anything, but do you think a concerned neighbor, say a big huge REDNECK with a 12 gauge pump would have been useful in this situation? Like maybe while she was screaming like an air raid siren as they cut her hand off? Or haggled it off more likely, incompetent fucks probably used a knife.

Next anti-gun pacifist I meet is getting my size 10 boot in their ass, you better believe it.


Alexander said...

Fort Hood, this, heck maybe even 9/11 could have been averted with better right-to-carry laws (i.e. having the right). Another example of backwards liberal thinking. Great post, by the way.

The Phantom said...

Thanks Alexander. I hate it when women get treated badly, and I hate it a lot more when it happens like this with government support.

When the hell people are going to stop putting up with this kind of bullshit I don't know. Probably when it starts happening to rich liberals every week.