Wednesday, November 04, 2009

So why are we all lining up for swine flu vaccine?

We are all lining up because there is one (1) manufacturer of the swine flu vaccine, and they are having "production problems".  That's why.  There's a shortage due to incompetence and/or misadventure at the sole provider.

Next question, why is there only one (1) manufacturer?  How stupid is that?  What idiot decided that?  Harper?

Well, no. Not Harper.

Jean Chretien.  In 2002, as it happens.

By a miracle, CTV actually did their freakin' jobs for once and dug that little gem up out of the memory hole.

Way to go, Liberals.


Anonymous said...

amazing you get the very same comments to H1N1 as I do

Anonymous said...

actually none of those medications are recommended for the flu, consult your own physician first, I deleted her spam from my blog.

The Phantom said...

I friggin' hate spammers. Hey "Dr." Eva, -nothing- fights viruses except vaccines. Anti-virals like Tamiflu are most likely not going to save your ass. Now piss off.