Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The exact thing that makes Toronto suck.

We have here in this story from the Toronto (Red) Star the exact thing that makes Toronto suck as a place to live and work.

Store owner catches shop lifter dead to rights, WITH VIDEO to boot, tackles the guy, doesn't harm the shoplifter at all,  waits for the cops to finally get there.  What happens?

[David Chen] The 35-year-old shopkeeper and two of his employees were arrested following a May 23 incident in which they allegedly chased down and tied up a shoplifter, detaining him in a delivery truck until police arrived.

[David] Chen, Jie Chen, 21, and Qing Li, 40, were charged with assault, forcible confinement, carrying a concealed weapon and kidnapping.

But in a pre-trial hearing Tuesday morning, Crown prosecutor Colleen Hepburn tossed out the latter two charges for all three men.

This was welcome news for Chen and his lawyer, Peter Lindsay, but outside the courthouse, both expressed dismay with the Crown's decision to proceed to trial on the other two charges.

"I don't believe that Mr. Chen should have ever faced criminal charges," Lindsay told a group of reporters in front of Old City Hall.

"My much-preferred outcome would have been that all four (charges) had been dropped."

On Aug. 17, Anthony Bennett pleaded guilty to stealing 10 plants from Chen's Lucky Moose Food Mart on Dundas St. W., as well as plant thefts at another store on King St. W.

Bennett was sentenced to 30 days in prison.

Bennett will now testify as a Crown witness at Chen's trial, which is scheduled to begin on June 21.

If convicted, Chen and his co-accused face a maximum penalty of two years in prison.

That my friends is what makes Toronto suck.  The Powers That Be are making it suck on purpose.  They think it is much more important that David Chen knows his place than that Anthony Bennett should be prevented from shoplifting.  Mr. Chen's place is tax payer peon, not free man of business.

Mr. Chen's comment is the beautiful round red cherry on top:

"In China, if this happened, a lot of people in the area would help, plus the police would arrive immediately," he said in Mandarin.

"The thief would be on trial, not the store owner."

He ought to know, he's from there.  If he thinks he'd get better police service and be safer from abjectly stupid justice officials in COMMUNIST CHINA, maybe that's something we ought to think about a little bit.  I can tell y'all one thing, if he'd done this in Phoenix Arizona he would have got the Good Citizenship award from Sheriff Joe Arpaio's own hand, with an additional commendation for his restraint in not shooting the shoplifting son of a bitch.

The Phreakin' Irritated Phantom


Bill said...

Apparently his case will no longer be decided by a jury, which is unfortunate because it's a debate so central to each citizen of Toronto.

The Phantom said...

Hi Bill. Yeah, the Red Star mentions that he won't get a jury trial. I think maybe the immigrant population in Toronto is going to start making a ruckus over this one if Mr. Chen gets found guilty.

Bad time to be a Liberal, good time for the CPC to start running ads of Mr. Chen 24/7 on TV and radio.

You know, people call me crazy all the time when I say self defense is forbidden in this country. Makes me wonder what the hell is wrong around here. Are they blind, or stupid?

Anonymous said...

Self defense is a universal right - but one that is trampled repeatedly in Canada. We are much more concerned about the made up human rights of civility, not hurting anyone's feelings, and never, ever, ever saying anything bad about anyone - except Americans. Anything else is racist n stuff.