Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Canadian media and why they are going out of business.

The Toronto (Red) Star flatly lies about the long gun registry and an upcoming bill to repeal it.  Business as usual at the Red Star.

First we have the "news" story wherein we see this lovely statement.

"I'm concerned about the vote," Ontario Attorney General Chris Bentley said in an interview.

"People shouldn't play politics with public safety. The gun registry saves lives; it protects police officers," Bentley said.

Well we do expect Liberal politicians to lie, so that statement is no real shocker.
But the last sentence in the piece is:

The registry was established as part of an overhaul of gun laws after the 1989 Montreal massacre.

That is simply not true.  The gun registry was created as an election campaign ploy to win votes from the Kim Campbell PCs in 1993.  It was rammed through in 1995 by the detestable Alan Rock despite vociferous and intense disagreement from police services across the country, including the RCMP.  Rocky went with it anyway, because it looked good to Liberal voters in 905/416, and because it gave Liberals a bat to beat up PC voters everywhere.

Everybody knows this.  Its no secret.

Here's the opinion piece, wherein they say:

The gun registry was a reaction to the 1989 "Montreal massacre" – where, it should be noted, the killer used a rifle, not a handgun. But it soon became a political football, with the Reform party, in particular, vilifying it as unwarranted intrusion on the rights of legitimate gun owners. The public has split on the issue largely along the rural/urban divide, exploited by Reform and, latterly, the Conservatives.

The politicization of this issue is unfortunate. As Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair says, the gun registry is really an issue of public safety, and "public safety is everybody's issue." Wavering Liberal and NDP MPs ought to take heed of his words.

Again, the gun registry was a political ploy from the outset, to give Alan Rock a way of looking tough on crime without actually being tough on crime. 

The net result of the gun registry has been two things.  First, it gave the Liberal Party of Canada a way to steal two billion dollars from the taxpayer.  That's $2,000,000,000 for a database you could run on a laptop.  Really.  The whole thing is less than a gigabyte of records.  Even the most appalling stupidity can't explain why something so trivial can cost two billion.  It isn't like they were trying to automate health records or something, right?

Second and much more dangerous, is that the majority of gun owners have defied the law.  It is estimated (by reliable sources, not the Liberals) that there are between five and seven million gun owners in this country, and that they posses anywhere from 16 to 20 million guns between them.  Currently less than three million gun owners are registered.  Three to five million Canadians have decided to risk ten years in jail rather than comply with this asinine law.

When people openly defy the law, that's a bad thing.  When they defy a STUPID law because the have to, that is much, much worse.  Liberals don't care, and the Star doesn't care.

That's why the Star and the other big papers are in so much trouble.  They know the above lies are lies.  They know that we know they are lying.  They continue to lie anyway.  Recipe for disaster, and disaster is what they've got.

Looks good on them.  Liars never prosper.


Anonymous said...

Good piece.

I am praying for a vote that will kill this money vacuum. And I am Atheist,

Canadians really should stop hiding behind duck hunters and state some reality in these desperate times, that we should be allowed to own guns for self defense if not for any other reason.

We most certainly cannot rely on our police to protect us because when we are faced with a violent intruder or knife wielding mugger, the police will be somewhere else, but willing come and write up a crime report later. That's no help at all.

I do support the police as most of them are good men and women who want to do the best than can, but in immediate threatening situations ... that is not good enough.

In the US, the states with the most permissive gun laws, violent crime is the lowest.

"An armed society is a polite society." What the hell is wrong with that?

One more point. The leftists with their pathological fear of firearms will be the wrong people to defend against or legislate against violent crime, they are more likely to be hiding under their desks when the pushes become shoves.

Also the American constitution states that citizens have a right (and perhaps a duty) to own and keep firearms to defend the constitution from any attempt to tyrannize the country. With the Marxist lot that is in the white house at this time, we may yet see this second amendment in action. It's getting weirder by the day down there.

The Phantom said...

Thanks mate. My personal dream is legal open carry. I'm going to walk around downtown Toronto with a pearl handled Colt .45 in a hogleg holster as long as my entire femur.

I'll eat at Starbucks and -smile- as the retards spill their coffee. It will be SWEET, yes it will.

oxygentax said...

So let's see if we have this right...

The same people who vilify police officers for using "less lethal" means on criminals with disastrous results cede their protection to those same officers?

Isn't that, I don't know, a little oxymoronish?

Hello Birdy said...


Here is a bit of humor that I think you will appreciate. I do always appreciate your great comments at SDA.



phil said...

All this moaning about a program with a whopping yearly per capita cost of about $4.25, and not a word about Harper throwing tax dollars down the shithole like there's no tomorrow. Ain't no hypocrite like a right wing hypocrite.

The Phantom said...

Oxygentax, you're missing the point man. Guns are bad. They MAKE you do bad things. They even make "highly trained professionals" like the police do bad things.

Not even police are able to resist the evile exudations of gun shaped metal. They must be banned completely before we all dieeeeee!

That's what the imbeciles at the Star want you to believe, and that is why they are going out of business. Yay.

The Phantom said...

Thanks Birdy. I liked the .45s. Its like I always say, if you're going to shoot something, -hurt- it.

The Phantom said...

Pillboy! Leaving your troll poo here now, are you? Be careful, I'm a lot less patient than Kate is.

Now, what exactly are you saying, pilly? If a guy steals five bucks out of your pocket that's ok because some other guy stole ten?

Or is it more that your friggin' guys just had to admit their gun registry is a two billion dollar pile of bullshit and a RIPOFF that they can't afford to wear one minute longer, so they're walking away from it. Running away, if the vote numbers mean anything. Running like deer.

By the way, if only cost the $2 million they said it would still be destroying my freedom and I'd still be raising hell about it. Money isn't everything pilly, the two billion stolen bucks just adds insult to injury. They ran us over and then spit on us for good measure. Doesn't make me wanna vote Liberal, you know?

Tell you what pilly, go away and think up a -legitimate- objection to killing the registry, then come back and try me. It'll be fun watching your small brain sprain itself with thought.

phil said...

Now, what exactly are you saying, pilly? If a guy steals five bucks out of your pocket that's ok because some other guy stole ten?

No, I would say neither is ok. You, however, with your infinite supply of hypocrisy, are saying $2 billion over 14 years is heinous while a $60 billion deficit in 1 year is OK, because your guy incurred it. And, of course, the small dead minded are in favour of the over $100 billion wasted on freeloading conservative welfare bum farmers in just the last 14 years.
So there are plenty of good arguments to get rid of the registry, but, given the enormity of wasteful spending conservatives approve of, and are silent about, the cost of the fart in a hurricane that is spending on the gun registry, is not one of them.

The Phantom said...

Pilly, you have really poor reading comprehension. But its ok, because the gun registry is done like dinner and I get to go shooting without 400 pages of paperwork.

All your base are belong to us, pilly.

By the way, the deficit spending was demanded by the Liberals, they threatened a no-confidence vote over it, they passed it and they've been screaming it wasn't enough ever since.

Or did you forget that part?

phil said...

Oh my, the LIBERALS MADE ME DO IT excuse. Pathetic.

All your base are belong to us, pilly.???

Have a stroke while you were typing that?

So what's your pathetic conservative apologetic for socialist funding of freeloading conservative farmers from cradle to grave?

The Phantom said...

Quoth pill boy: "So what's your pathetic conservative apologetic for socialist funding of freeloading conservative farmers from cradle to grave?"

Well pilly, as you very well know (or would if you could read) I do not support socialism in any form. It is my firm belief that government should be restricted to enforcing contracts, running the armed forces and providing criminal justice. That's it. Farmers are in business the same as everybody else, they can sink or swim on their own.

Obviously you missed the part where I said: "By the way, if only cost the $2 million they said it would still be destroying my freedom and I'd still be raising hell about it. Money isn't everything pilly, the two billion stolen bucks just adds insult to injury. They ran us over and then spit on us for good measure."

Tax cut now, pilly. I say it all the time. I could use smaller words if that will help.

But pilly, one cannot move the gigantic 200 ton socialist manure pile in a single scoop. Killing the registry is a heaping shovel full off the pile and worthy of celebration. Every little bit helps.

I'm sorry if you're upset by this... well no, not really. Bwaha!

phil said...

Farmers are in business the same as everybody else, they can sink or swim on their own.

Well at least you've admitted that farmers are freeloaders and rural conservative welfare bums.

Yet, you and other conservative phonies have bleated loud and long about the, what?, $140 million per year spent on the gun registry, but have said nary a word about the $5 Billion wasted annually on welfare bum farmers. So you say you're against socialism but your silence on ag welfare is in reality tacit support for same. No hypocrite like a right wing hypocrite.

The Phantom said...

Uh huh. So really what you're saying is you don't know shit about the gun registry, you don't know shit about farming, you don't know shit about me, and you're never going to shut up until the whole world knows it.

Got it, pilly.

Now, you wanna talk about the registry and why you like it, or do you want to be deleted? Because like I warned you, I have no patience for pointless trolling.

Hello Birdy said...

On the contrary Phantom, you are demonstrating a lot of tolerance for this troll you are arguing with.

Showing no patience means not talking to it and perhaps deleting it after the second troll like comment.

I understand it though, sometimes it's fun slapping these tools around once in awhile. Sadly, they often don't realized they are being bitch-slapped.

The Phantom said...

Hello Birdy, the problem with pillboy is he's a one note samba. He does have one, single point, in that there are some Conservatives out there who don't mind taking government money so long as its being spent on -their- pet projects.

I don't happen to be one of them however, and his constant harping on it is just a waste of time.

The true problem with the gun registry was never the cost, the true problem is damn fool government edicts getting people killed and robbed because they can't defend themselves. The true problem is we can't shoot back. That's our collective asses swinging in the breeze, you know?

The obscene cost over-runs and possible corruption are -additional- problems, over and above the pointless destruction of our basic freedoms.

Liberals are out there trying to pretend all is just hunky dory with the registry and its working as advertised, and that all of us who object to it are just crazy redneck assholes who Harper is coddling for votes.

This annoys me.