Thursday, November 19, 2009

So, WHY do we have to sue to get basic police services in Caledonia?

I'm following along in the papers with the Dave Brown Linda Chatwell lawsuit against the province and the OPP.  Currently we have sworn testimony from individual OPP officers that they ignored Mohawk Warrior thugs doing violence to Caledonia residents UNDER ORDERS.  Which confirms two things I've been saying, one is that OPP rank and file doesn't do crap like this except under duress from upper management (and they are pretty peeved about it too), and the other is that this whole cluster frack is organized crime.  All of it. 

The links: National Post
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Caledonia Wakeup Call has the whole thing with more links than you can shake a stick at.  I can't read these things, they just torque me off too badly.

The question arises though, what sane political leadership allows things like this to continue, when all it can do is damage their chances at re-election.  Why the hell would they do this?
All along I've been assuming that Big Names are on the take, because this is billion dollar sized stuff going on here.  But I might be wrong about that.  Check it:
Early one morning, Sharon Abbott was delivering newspapers to homes in Toronto's west end. Police Sergeant Stephen Ruffino observed her car double-parked outside an apartment.
She then proceeds to break a bunch of traffic laws and refuses to stop, so obviously the cop busts her.  Duh.  Now the fun begins:

Although the HRTO [Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario] found no "conscious" racism on Sgt. Ruffino's part, it nonetheless concluded his actions were motivated by a deep-seated prejudice ... of which he was apparently entirely unaware.

The Tribunal also stated, without substantiation, that white people in authority have "an expectation of docility and compliance" from black people they encounter.

Yeah, I always expect docility from the black people I meet.  We learnt that in school along with wife beating and cow tipping.

Given that the HRTO is an official Ontario government outfit, I find I must re-examine my assumption of crime in high places and include the possibility that they are merely insane.  Comprehensively barking mad.  Whacko.  Loopy.  Three fries short of a Happy Meal.

Where's the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party?  Why am I not seeing the Sterling Street bridge on fire in Conservative political ads every day?  This lawsuit is a gift from the heavens.  What the F%#& are you people doing, SLEEPING?  Wake the hell up and smell your new majority brewing, morons!


Blazing Cat Fur said...

Brown & Chatwell are white hegemonist oppressors, The HRTO should jail them if they ever file a complaint!

Seriously in the USA, a good case could made against the Cops and Politicians that they conspired to deny Brown and Chatwell their civil rights, they'd win.

jaycurrie said...

Lucky Brown and Chatwell (and what sort of name is that) were not tasered for their troubles.

The Phantom said...

Yeah Jay, Brown only got arrested on his own front lawn for being circled by masked Mohawk smugglers on ATVs.

Man, he was really begging for it, yelling at those Noble Savages like that eh? And the tire squealing? Over the top.

The Phantom said...

Fur, this is a no brainer in the USA. Here, we already know that the police have no duty to protect an individual. The lawsuit has to prove that the police and the province failed in their duty to protect the "peace".

We don't have civil rights. Or property rights. Nor even the right to protect person and property. This has all long since been settled.

The question being asked at this point is what if any duty of performance police and government actually -do- have.

I'm not really all that optimistic that Brown and Chatwell are going to come out of this in victory. They should, and it is reasonable that they would, but this game game was rigged by the big boys in 1867 and again in the 1980s.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Yes, the same people who were terrorised are terrible racists. Oh look! A flying pig!
This absurdity should fly into the face of the thugs who tortured them on a daily basis and the useless authorities who let it happen. I hope the Browns win.

The Phantom said...

Hi Osumashi. I really don't have a feel for how it will turn out. I do know the Browns should win, it couldn't be more obvious.

I get the distinct feeling of everyone's collective breath being held waiting on the result. Walking around out here in Haldimand, going to the Foodland in Cayuga, talking to the guy that delivers my water, the teachers at the school, my spider sense is tingling. Everyone is hanging fire, waiting to see what the courts are going to do.

If the Browns get hung out to dry, well, I think that could be a pretty important decision in Canadian history. Just not in a good way, if you catch my drift.