Saturday, November 21, 2009

Confusion in the enemy ranks!

In the Blob and Snail today, uberLefty Gerald Caplan attacks Smilin' Jack Layton for not being Lefty enough.  I love this!

The bitter divisions over the long-gun registry are by no means over. When the House supported the bill to abolish the registry, it left significant numbers of Canadians feeling betrayed and wondering how to vote in the next election.

Many of us lobbied publicly and privately against passage of this bill. The Liberals and New Democrats in Ottawa heard in no uncertain terms from a large, spontaneous alliance of their own political supporters and potential supporters. Trade unions, feminist organizations, NGOs, ordinary women, social activists of all kinds, women like Suzanne Laplante-Edwards whose daughter had been murdered by Marc Lepine in the Montréal massacre – all pleaded with both parties to stand united to defeat the bill. It did no good.

That's right Gerald, it did no good and the registry is done like dinner.  This is because, oddly enough, Jack Layton is not a complete fool, and chose not to let his party die on this hill. Layton knows that continued support for the odious, useless and obscenely expensive registry will ensure the NDP never again gets a single seat in the West or in a rural riding anywhere else.

But please, keep attacking Taliban Jack.  Do it louder and harder.  Division and disorder among dippers is beautiful music to my ears.

The Mean Phantom

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