Sunday, November 08, 2009

Regarding the Ft. Hood attack.

First of all, let's not screw around with euphemisms about tragedy or crime. The media response is beyond insane and getting well into the range of traitorous, you ask me.

This was an enemy attack on the US military, and a damn good one. Surprise was complete, and the attacker was a competent shooter. 100+ rounds fired for 30+ wounded and 13 deceased is nearly a 50% hit ratio. Better than the usual bullet spray these types of attackers normally manage.

Armed response to it was one (1) female trafffic cop with the heart of a lion. If not for Officer Kimberly Munley, the jihadist would have killed many more people. All praise and honor to Kimberly Munley for sheer guts, for her marksmanship while under fire and particularly for continuing to function and return accurate fire after being severely wounded through both legs. Magnificent.

Kate at Small Dead Animals has posted a report by a friend of hers who was a paramedic at the scene. Read it, it will give you a good idea of what went on after the shooting stopped. Magnificent effort by the EMS people and the Army people on site. Many were save who might have died.

Article here by The Spectator UK on the epic fail by US officialdom to red flag the shooter ages ago.

There can be no doubt whatever that this was a jihadi attack upon America, not least from the evidence that has now surfaced of Major Hasan's attitudes for months before his rampage – evidence that the US authorities simply ignored.
...Yet not only did the US authorities ignore these warning signs that its army psychiatrist was an Islamist fanatic – it has been revealed that he was even a member of the Homeland Security panel advising on the presidential transition -- but much of the media reaction to the atrocity on both sides of the Atlantic has demonstrated an astounding state of denial.

It has also been revealed that he went to the same mosque with some of the 9/11 terrorists before they flew into the World Trade Center. No dots connected, eyes averted, fingers in ears, shouting LALALALALALA...

The reaction by the media is all the explanation we need for the willful blindness of the Army and medical officials. If anyone had even gently suggested that maybe the shooter might want to reconsider some of his whacky Islamic pronouncements they would have been pilloried, treated worse than pedophiles in fact. Its not a breakdown of security we're looking at here, its official policy. They did not connect any dots, deliberately, because they weren't allowed to. The American media demands it be that way.

My question is a little more practical. What possible excuse is there for having the only armed human being on a military base, in war time no less, be the civilian traffic cop? No MP's, no base defense SWAT team, no armed NCO's keeping an eye on the new recruits? What the hell is that? Scout camp?

The truth is even without the PC See No Evil approach, no conceivable security apparatus can dig out every enemy agent. They will get in, and they will attack. The only sane policy is to arm your people so they can be of some use when the attack comes.

Possibly now that they have taken serious casualties, some generals will re-think their idiotic gun-free-zone base arrangements. Possibly I hope for too much, but they are looking really, really bad right now so we'll see.

If they do re-arm common base personnel rest assured they will do it quietly. Barry Obama has made his priorities very clear, what with the shout-outs during his short speech about the attack, his "don't jump to conclusions" comments and his no-visit to the hospital because he was too busy with the health care bill and golfing this weekend. We got it, Barry. Message received, big daddy.

The Seriously Torqued Off Phantom

Update! Sometimes a cigar really IS a cigar:
U.S. intelligence agencies were aware months ago that Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan was attempting to make contact with people associated with al Qaeda, two American officials briefed on classified material in the case told ABC News.

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