Tuesday, April 22, 2014

TSA still frisking small children.

Yes, they are.

The video description clearly suggests that the children were given a pat down without first being allowed to pass repeatedly through x-ray scanners to clear the issue, and in fact that there was no issue with the children at all because it was the mother’s name appearing on a watchlist that prompted the pat down. If this is the case, it represents a violation of the TSA’s own policy.

In a more general context, the video serves as yet another reminder of the numerous idiotic policies employed by the TSA which do nothing to target potential terrorists and everything to harass and inconvenience innocent travelers.

The clip will also stoke concerns that the entire concept of children being taught not to allow strangers to touch them is being violated by the actions of the TSA.

Meanwhile, a teenager was able to STOW AWAY on an American flight.

The slight teenager, first seen on a security camera video, would not appear again until late Sunday morning, when airline workers spotted him, 2,350 miles to the west, wandering on another tarmac, this one at Kahului Airport on the island of Maui.

In the interim, authorities say, the boy survived a perilous 5 1/2-hour odyssey— weathering frigid temperatures, oxygen deprivation and a flight compartment unfit for human habitation — as he traveled over the Pacific Ocean in the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines jet.

They need to manhandle toddlers as if they were found-ins at a crack house, but their perimeter is so weak a stupid 15 year old can wander in and hide inside an aircraft for no apparent purpose. Gee that seems reasonable, right?

It is not security. It is security theater. They are training the American public  to accept any outrage no matter how personal as just part of traveling.

Consider driving instead. Let a couple more airlines go out of business, then see how they manage.

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