Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Micro-house = shack, you Lefties.

micro house.

In case you've been wondering why Tiny Houses, Micro-houses, Housing Pods and etc. have been in the news a lot these last five years or so, this is why:

A new idea is taking shape in San Jose to help the down and out get out of tents and doorways and into more sturdy shelters. The idea involves building new neighborhoods for the homeless with shed-sized buildings.
The high-end sheds at The Shed Shop in Fremont were never designed to house the homeless
"The most common use is a home office," said Paul Johnston of The Shed Shop
But with sturdy doors and windows, two-by-four construction, insulation and built-in electrical wiring they could be very livable.
"These are made just like a little house would be made," Johnston said.
And that's the idea behind a new idea at San Jose City Hall to help the homeless.

What a great idea! Find a nice piece of public land, say down by the railroad tracks, build a bunch of economical Housing Pods, deliver the poor homeless gentlemen and families to the location and give them each a new home! How tolerant! How humanitarian! How liberal!

many micro-houses. Note rail-yard.

Homeless advocates said they do have advantages. "When you give somebody a key to their own door, their own house, that they can call their own that's a victory," said Jenny Niklaus of HomeFirst.

Yeah? Ask the Indians how that worked out for them. Its called a shanty town, and its not normally associated with a healthy and long life. Out of sight, out of mind. Sometimes also known as Coventry.

First Nations micro-house in norther Manitoba. Note satellite dish.

The Phantom

Update: Welcome Small Dead Animals and other flying monkeys!


Greg said...

They didn't mention plumbing. They're expecting some drunk to walk 100 yards to the communal toilet in the middle of the night?

The Phantom said...

Yes, exactly. Drunks and drug addicts will be using -communal- showers, toilets and "cooking facilities".

Oh yeah, right along side those families who are more-or-less "normal" but poor for whatever reason. Great place to raise your kids.

Anonymous said...

If you are at all acquainted with Agenda 21 and the other eco-social planning projects of the UN, these micro houses are exactly what they need to make urban areas into super compact high density control centers. Once they depopulate the rural areas by bankrupting farmers and taxing-regulating land owners off the land, they herd them into the mega cities. The same technique was used at the end of feudalism and the rise of the industrial aristocracy - they filled cities with needy, dislocated workers off their lands and into their factories.

The UN social engineering elite are mush like those old feudal lords in their attitudes toward humanity - we are just cattle to carry out their needs, they want us off "their" lands and herded into the new 21st century urban ghettos where we are fully reliant and controllable - I head last week NYC was playing with these old containers reworked as a fully contained living unit, the idea is to stack them up to save space -> agenda 21 in action.

The Phantom said...

Shipping containers, yeah that's where I want to live. In a slum made of ten thousand friggin' shipping containers stacked up ten high with little stairs in the front.

Can you imagine the -smell- of a thing like that?

Ken (Kulak) said...

Anonymous nails it. That is exactly the plan of the UN's Agenda 21. Hayek talked about this in his book The Road To Serfdom.

Anonymous said...

Here is a map of the US as envisioned by our eco overlords -

Notice all the red areas are depopulated and off limits for everyone but the elite.