Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dutch traditions no longer allowed in... Holland.

Another racism tempest in a teapot, brought to you by the usual useful idiots.

Last year a simmering debate over the appearance and tradition of St Nicholas's helpers, played by white actors in blackface make-up, spilled over into a series of angry demonstrations and exchanges on social media.
Ineke Strouken, of the Dutch Centre for Indigenous Culture and Heritage (VIE), told De Volkskrant that groups on both sides of the argument had been in discussion since October.
They include Quinsy Gario, an Amsterdam-based artist who was arrested two years at the Sinterklaas welcome parade for wearing a T-shirt with the slogan: "Zwarte Piet is Racisme".

My dear Lefties. Please look up the fable of the little boy who cried "Wolf!" Learn from it, and govern yourselves accordingly.

Yep, that's going to hurt. Too bad there's nobody to help you.

There really are wolves in the world, you should go find one before you start yelling.

The Phantom

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Anonymous said...

Sinterklaas. Miracle on 34th Street. I still (almost) cry.