Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bundy ranch... HEY! Where's Neil Young?

It suddenly occurred to me as I was taking a slash just now... Kent State. Nobody is talking about the parallels between the Kent State shootings and the recent farce at the Bundy Ranch. The only differences are Kent State was a state national guard unit instead of the Feds, and at the Bundy Ranch all the "kids" were armed, dangerous and ready to shoot back.

May 4th is right around the corner. See who mentions Bundy Ranch and Kent State in the same sentence. I bet nobody in the MSM does, for sure.

Forty four years, the frickin' hippies never shut up about the "Four Dead in Ohio". Not a peep out of them now. Because now they don't fight The Man, now they ARE The Man.

Fuck Neil Young. Hippy punching is never wrong.


DaveP. said...

Hippie punching may always be in vogue, but whoever gave live ammo to a bunch of NoGos with no crowd control or riot training and then sent them onto a campus should've been courted for gross incompetence.

The Phantom said...

You forget the part where the night before the little pricks burnt a building down. Also the threats of lethal violence against the "pigs" and the rock throwing.

I never had a problem with it, except for their bad aim. No excuse for killing that girl in the picture.

That's down to training. National Guards didn't get much, except marching. still don't.