Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Kathy Shaidle, burning the Lefties a new one.

I hear this one all the time, and I'm tired of it:

Just imagine if George Bush had done that.
Just imagine if a Republican said that.
Just imagine if a Christian went there.

The Furious One pronounces the Last Word on this tired and busted rhetorical turn.

The “Just Imagine” Game presumes that leftists are logical and principled.
They are not.
They are too often neurotic, brainwashed, conformist mediocrities — who also too often happen to be in positions of significant authority and influence.

Just imagine if George Bush's BLM set the dogs on a guy who was standing on the side of the road doing nothing. Over a tortoise. Just imagine if the George Bush IRS would have targeted Lefty organizations.

Its not like this anymore.

Well, you can't imagine it. Because George Bush didn't let the BLM do that kinda shit when he was President. BLM didn't even -have- attack dogs, snipers and SWAT teams when George Bush was president. If the IRS had done anything like what Obama has had them doing, they'd have gone to jail.  Its not that the Lefties are a different kind of animal than the Republicans.

More like this...

vs. this.
Its more like Skynet vs. a seahorse. A really fucking stupid seahorse that's not even paying attention.

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Anonymous said...

I think you've nailed that one on the head.