Saturday, April 12, 2014

Obama TSA riddled with corruption? Mmmmmaybe!

They say fish rot from the head down.

The director of the Federal Air Marshal Service is retiring after being investigated for his role in an alleged operation to acquire guns for officials' personal use, has learned. 

Director Robert Bray's home was raided in December in connection with the ongoing probe, according to sources and documents. Law enforcement and congressional sources told that Bray's recently announced retirement, which is effective in June, is directly related to the investigation. 

Transportation Security Administration officials say no such raid ever happened. 

But Bray allegedly is among several officials who were obtaining weapons through this operation. 

Free guns that "fell off a truck", allegedly given away/sold cheap between high ranking TSA officials, as "gimmes". FOX News is going to have this story all to themselves forever.

The Phantom

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