Tuesday, April 01, 2014

"Atheists" defend the burning of babies for heat.

Previously I reported that aborted and miscarried fetuses (of uncertain age) were getting burned in hospital heating plants instead of crematoriums in England.

Then we had the predictable response from the Left.

Commenters have noted that these pukes don't even have the decency to render the dead down for Soylent Green, they're just burning them as a coal replacement. Soylent coal.

These days it takes a lot to really offend me. We see a large amount of really heinous activity on the internet and in the news pretty commonly, and most of it just washes over me.

Ok fuckers, now you've pissed me off.
But this time, they've managed to get a barb under my skin.

Proper ceremonial cremation or burial of human remains isn't to placate the dead. They're dead, they don't care. If you've ever seen a dead body (and I have seen a few) you can see it lying there not caring.

It is to comfort the living. Its to help the doctors and the nurses who helped some poor woman with her miscarriage get through the night. It is to foster respect for the hospital among its patients and staff.

Its to show respect for life, something that must be done constantly or there will be no respect for life. Countries where the dead are left in a ditch for the buzzards are not known for their great achievements in Human Rights, yes?

These concepts do not need to be discussed. They form the basics of Western culture. Everybody knows them, everybody acts in accordance with them because everybody acknowledges the truth of them.

What's the argument against, as served up by our freaky fundamentalists on the Atheistic Left? Well, they don't really have an argument. They claim a miscarried fetus is the same as a removed appendix. They refuse to make the distinction everyone else has always made throughout history. They claim the right to declare human nature foolish and wrong, only they are clever enough to see things clearly.

This despite the fact that there have been burial rites since before there were human beings to have them. Neanderthals had burial rites.They buried babies, they didn't dry them and chuck them on the fire when wood got scarce.

The reason these fundamentalist atheists even bother with the argument is to protect one of their political sacred cows: abortion. They fear that if they admit a dead fetus is qualitatively different than a dead toenail or a section of excised colon, they will let the Conservative's get a fingernail's grip on the issue and abortion will be banned forever more the next day. Rush Limbaugh says abortion is a sacrament to the Left, this behavior argues that he's correct.

And that, my friends, is what pisses me off. This is a STUNT. Its some miserable, hateful Leftist/Labour Party fuck in the medical disposal department middle management, sticking it to the squares one more time. "It's the Twenty First Century you creaking old Victorians, get over it!"

Burning dead babies with the medical waste, for heat, as a -stunt-. For politics.

Everybody got that? Goody.

The Phantom


Terry Anderson said...

I agree with you, Phantom.

The Phantom said...

Hi Terry. Annoying, isn't it?