Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Obama attacks the Internet.

Here it comes. The final push to shut down the Intertubes.

President Barack Obama said Tuesday the cyber attacks against Sony and the Pentagon's Central Command highlight the need for toughened laws on cybersecurity.

Obama made the comment as the White House unveiled a proposal to revive cybersecurity legislation stalled over the past few years.

"With the Sony attack that took place, with the Twitter account that was hacked by Islamist jihadist sympathizers yesterday, it just goes to show how much more work we need to do -- both public and private sector -- to strengthen our cybersecurity," the president said at a meeting with congressional leaders.

Obama said he had spoken to the Republican leaders of the House and Senate and "I think we agreed that this is an area where we can work hard together, get some legislation done and make sure that we are much more effective in protecting the American people from these kinds of cyberattacks."

This is bullshit, obviously. The fact that the Pentagon even -has- a Twitter account is a sign that "cyber security" is not taken at all seriously by the people in the White House.

You know what they do take seriously? Blogs. On-line searchable newspapers. Drudge Report.

Anybody can post for free. Anybody can read for free. Anywhere. So word of what they do every day is becoming common knowledge.

This is killing the socialists. They depend on people not knowing what they're doing, because mostly what they're doing is screwing around and stealing tax money. The more we know about what they're doing up there in Toronto, and Ottawa, and Washington and so forth, the more we're not voting for their lazy corrupt lying asses. Therefore, if they want to hold on to their power and prerogatives, and MONEY, they have to make the Internet shut up.

That's what this Washington "cyber security" push is all about. They're explaining to me that I better shut the hell up or they'll come and kick my door down.

Good thing I live in Canada, eh? I'm safe... for now.

The Phantom

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Occam said...

Like all tyrants, big government wants a monopoly on the dissemination of information ( reason is obvious) - just as they claim a monopoly on the use of arms and a monopoly on justice, liquor, gambling and tobacco. This is the mom in emperor's clothing.