Monday, January 26, 2015

Here's another example of Big Charity faceplanting into Reality.

By way of Small Dead Animals, another megaFail from the UN and Dr. Feelgood Charities Inc. You know those anti-malaria mosquito nets that are getting handed out to the Poor Bastards in Africa?

They use them for fishing.

Nets like his are widely considered a magic bullet against malaria — one of the cheapest and most effective ways to stop a disease that kills at least half a million Africans each year. But Mr. Ndefi and countless others are not using their mosquito nets as global health experts have intended.

Nobody in his hut, including his seven children, sleeps under a net at night. Instead, Mr. Ndefi has taken his family's supply of anti-malaria nets and sewn them together into a gigantic sieve that he uses to drag the bottom of the swamp ponds, sweeping up all sorts of life: baby catfish, banded tilapia, tiny mouthbrooders, orange fish eggs, water bugs and the occasional green frog.

Note that this dragging entirely denudes the ponds of -everything-, including all those fish and animals that eat mosquito eggs. Thereby making everything to do with malaria so much worse.

Is this because Mr. Ndefi is an idiot? No. Its because there's no food, no agriculture and no industry, so Mr. Ndefi and his family eat bugs.  They pretty much won't live to see the environmental devastation of tomorrow if they don't capture every last ounce of edible matter out of that swamp today. The mosquito net is FREE, too. Therefore OBVIOUSLY Mr. Ndefi uses the net to fish, and damn the malaria. Way to go, Western charities. Oh and way to cover it up too, this is going on for a decade now and the New York Times is mentioning it only because the tree huggers are in an uproar.

Basically, the people we have trusted and given money to for a couple of generations now to look after Mr. Ndefi are a pack of lying assholes, who pretty much just steal all our charity donations. And we don't care. We give money to African charities because it makes us feel better, not because we really give a shit about Mr. Ndefi. If we gave a shit we'd go there ourselves and help the guy out, like missionaries used to do. Easier just to give money, right?

That's why I give money to the Canadian Warplane Heritage instead of OXFAM et al. At least my money is going to support something worthwhile, namely maintaining and flying antique weapons of war that remind us all of the sacrifices made so we can be free. It doesn't really help Mr. Ndefi, but at least he doesn't have to suffer MORE to make me feeeeeeeeeelz better about myself.

The Vicious and Uncaring Racist Phantom

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