Monday, January 05, 2015

Another DemocRat mugged by Reality, another new Republican voter is born.

A "tiny house" ecoHipster gets mugged by Reality. The outrage is palpable.

An advocate for so-called green living, Friday and his wife had invested 2 1/2 years and $35,000 into building a tiny home from the ground up.

They had just moved it to a plot of land they had purchased in Spring Branch.

However, someone stole it, leaving behind only a damaged paver driveway they had recently built.

So how does one steal a "tiny home"? The usual way. You back up, drop the hitch on your trailer ball and drive away.

On his blog, Friday wrote:  "I'll be completely honest – I didn't even know that a hitch lock was a 'thing' before our house was stolen. I only researched them after the house was gone. I am now WELL aware of multiple forms of security that I hope ALL tiny housers will implement on their own Tiny House builds."

Because its not a "tiny home", its a friggin' house trailer. Mr. Friday is trying to pretend like he's all genteel and ecofriendly, but he's really a trailer park dweller. Just because you change what you call something doesn't mean you've changed what it is.

He just face-planted into the reality that most people who live in trailers do so because they're poor, and most poor people are poor because they're scumbags with poor impulse control.

According to the article Mr. Friday is now renting a non-ecofriendly apartment and is looking to unload his trailer, no doubt because he just now realized how bad living in a trailer surrounded by thieving assholes is going to suck. Also, I'm sure Mr. Friday is wondering how so many scumbags are allowed to walk around loose, and why the cops don't arrest them. He's going to be shocked when he finds out about the DemocRat mandated catch-and-release policy.

The Phantom


Alyric said...

HAH! I actually just came to your site to post a link to this story - I remembered your earlier post about the ridiculous 'tiny house' movement.

Yet another reason not to live in a shanty, you hippy morons. Nobody ever hooked up a real home to their truck and drove off with it.

The Phantom said...

Greetings dewd. :)

This is how Republicans happen. Happy naive kids go to University, and they learn all kinds of Lefty theory from withered old hippies, and then they come out into the real world and get their asses kicked.

Then they think about the withered old hippies lying to them all that time, and that they PAID MONEY to be lied to as well.

And then they vote Republican forever.

Anonymous said...

Some of these "tiny houses" are pretty kewel and I'd put 'em on skids and cat-drag them into my hunting plot for a base camp cabin.

All I can say to this poor deluded yuppie who lost his home is he should check to se he had all the required permits, licences and fees paid - the "thief" could be the taxing authority which claims jurisdiction over his private property/affairs - just confiscating the property of a regulation breaking skuzz ;-)


Anonymous said...

LOL I research tiny houses for fictional use and ideas in the interiors - mostly to get ideas for a travelling caravan for one of my characters in a series I'm planning. Some of the ideas are cute - but I'd rather stick it up into a tree for a writing hideaway (I can dream...) but I'd honestly go mad in one of these if I had to live in them permanently.

Besides there wouldn't be enough space for my books. ;_;

The Phantom said...

Hi cutelildrow,

I believe the correct term for "tiny house" in Scotland is "shanty". Here in Ontario we call them "cottages", and you find them Up North beside lakes and rivers. Its where people go to hang out and drink beer in the sun when the weather's nice. I think y'all generally call them "shacks". Year 'round occupancy not recommended, because too small and hard to heat.

Personally, I am one lucky dewd in that I have a "tiny house" parked in my driveway. Its a fifth-wheel trailer. Even has a "garage" in the back for my trials bikes. (You live long enough and don't F- up all your joints playing stupid sports when you're a kid, you collect stuff like that.)

I can tell you, said "tiny house" does not have room for my book collection. Much less for my tool collection. Kinda hard to fit a decent TV in one as well.

But the kicker is this: its about 9 degrees Fahrenheit on my front porch right now. There's a stiff breeze blowing. I would not want to be trying to keep warm in the trailer today, that poor little heater would be just blasting away and not even keeping up.

Because physics, large surface area in comparison to enclosed volume. Have to go down to McDonalds to get warm.

Hipsters suck at physics, I've noticed.