Tuesday, January 06, 2015

No, cops don't target Blacks. The reverse, if anything.

Another Lefty shibboleth staked through the heart. New studies show that American cops not only do not deliberately single out Black men for destruction, they actively try not to shoot them. Because = paperwork.

It's widely assumed that white police officers are more likely to shoot black suspects as a result of racial bias, but recent research suggests the opposite is true. An innovative study published in the Journal of Experimental Criminology found that participants in realistic simulations felt more threatened by black suspects yet took longer to pull the trigger on black men than on white or Hispanic men.

Yeah, no kidding. You shoot a white guy, all you get is nightmares the rest of your life. You shoot a black guy, you get the same nightmares PLUS you get Al Sharpton and his goon squad ripping your town apart, PLUS you get the personal attention of the entire federal Justice Department who will find or make a way to hang you.

"This behavioral 'counter-bias' might be rooted in people's concerns about the social and legal consequences of shooting a member of a historically oppressed racial or ethnic group," said the paper, which went practically unnoticed when it was published online on May 22, but took on new significance in the wake of a series of high-profile police-involved shootings involving black victims over the summer.

Went unnoticed because it doesn't fit the narrative, obviously. Here's some more common sense:

The results back up what one of the researchers, University of Missouri-St. Louis professor David Klinger, has found after independently interviewing more than 300 police officers: While they don't want to shoot anybody, they really don't want to shoot black suspects.

"Across these 300 interviews, I have multiple officers telling me that they didn't shoot only because the suspect was black or the suspect was a woman, or something that would not be consistent with this narrative of cops out there running and gunning," said Mr. Klinger, a former cop and author of "Into the Kill Zone: A Cop's Eye View of Deadly Force" (2006).

"When it comes to the issue of race, I've never had a single officer tell me, 'I didn't shoot a guy because he was white.' I've had multiple officers tell me, 'I didn't shoot a guy because he was black,' " Mr. Klinger said. "And this is 10, even 20 years ago. Officers are alert to the fact that if they shoot a black individual, the odds of social outcry are far greater than if they shoot a white individual."

This is what I hear when I hear gunshop bull sessions between cops. They may hate blacks, and some do, but they're all deadly afraid of the shitstorm which will inevitably follow if they shoot one. This is simple common sense, again. Leaving aside the entire human/emotional issue, shooting a black guy in a 100% righteous shoot is still a potential career ender, so guys don't want to do it. Duh.

Which raises an even more interesting issue. If cops really don't want to shoot black guys, how come so many of 'em are getting shot?

The Phantom


WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

Or, you wonder how long it will be before cops deliberately herd 'youts' into upscale areas...

The Phantom said...

Yeah, it might take some herding. The "youts" don't normally stray from their turf.

However, if word gets out that the cops aren't arresting black guys, the more enterprising may decide to go someplace there's something worth stealing.

That's going to be fun to watch. Liberals from the Upper West Side, trying to buy guns in Westchester and being told they can't have it because they live in the city. Awesome.