Thursday, January 01, 2015

Ferguson, Feds point guns at citizens protecting buildings from arson.

I used to hear all the time that soldiers and cops in the USA would never enforce a law to ban all guns. They would never follow an order to fire on honest Americans.

I don't hear that these days. Because clearly, there's plenty that would.

Case in point, story dated November 30th 2014, Oathkeepers in Ferguson Missouri have been protecting some buildings in the downtown area from arson the last few weeks. Because as we know from TV, the "demonstrators" have been burning stuff down quite freely. This protection of private property apparently did not sit well with Federal authorities.

The four businesses include Natalie's Cakes and More, a bakery that was featured on Fox News, a beauty supply store, a dentist's office and a Chinese restaurant.

In addition to their work keeping businesses safe, and the people living there, the group has also seen some totally bizarre interactions by the federal government and the state highway patrol.

According to Rhodes, "We had an alarming incident that happened last night with our team spotting what looked like a fed three-man sniper team moving into a nearby house on higher ground, and then pointing their rifles at our team of American combat veterans, while our team was guarding the buildings against looters."

Rhodes said the team even observed the state highway patrol snipers deploy onto the roof of a nearby fire hall and point rifles at them.

"Our team leader called Unified Command to find out what was going on and then local police responded," he explained.

He said that the local police were unaware of what the federal government were doing and that there was no coordination. "The local police are on our side and expressed gratitude for us being there, but the Feds are trying to run us out."

Well, it seems that later on the Feds and State Police assholes dropped by and offered to arrest the men guarding the four businesses. Those men told the cops to piss off, got some legal advice and came back the next night.

Members of Oath Keepers, a national group that includes current and retired military and law enforcement personnel, have rejected orders from St. Louis County Police to abandon posts on top of private businesses that invited their protection, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Monday. The order to stand down was issued under presumed authority of a county ordinance prohibiting unlicensed security personnel.

"Once we read the statute, we laughed at it," local Oath Keepers leader Sam Andrews commented, explaining the ordinance applies to employed security personnel. "Then, the next night, we were there."

The committed presence of Oath Keepers could renew confrontation dangers, as group founder Stewart Rhodes had earlier cited a report of members being targeted, presumably by a federal law enforcement sniper team. Per Rhodes, such teams had not communicated with local law enforcement, let alone coordinated activities with them.

Confirming the Post-Dispatch report is an update from Rhodes sent to members and supporters Wednesday, explaining that, contrary to some reports, the group did not abandon their posts. The alert also included a letter from an Oath Keepers attorney.

Now just offhand I would say that this seems to indicate that the Federal government has some interest in keeping the Ferguson pot boiling, and they clearly aren't well disposed toward any private citizen types who show up to calm things down.


Anonymous said...

Phantom – I think the deployment of fed sniper teams (AKA Justice dept. assassination teams) is less about keeping the pot stirred in Ferguson as it is an open display of hostility towards red state (traditionalist/constitutionalist) America by an increasingly fascist Federal regime. The fear and loathing of red state America, its ideals and institutions (embodied by the Tea Party, or in this case Oath keepers) is psychopathic, almost maniacal – we saw it at Ruby Ridge, Waco and a dozen other times when Feds raided Militia or survivalist groups – it’s all about making the entire population defenseless/helpless and totally reliant on the fascist feds who claim a monopoly on the use of armed force and who operate (always) under the rules of engagement of martial law.

This intense fear and loathing of the fed necromancers for anything/anyone who wants self-reliance or who dissents from their constitutionally atheistic control freak statism is percolated down into the ranks of their palace guard (the various fed hit teams and dirty work agencies). The types
behind that sniping team are fully conditioned psychotics with a hate on for free independent people. They have been indoctrinated to believe they are “terrorists” – and from the viewpoint of a criminal fascist regime which is undermining constitutional rule of law, I suppose they are –so they are fed enemy number 1, not rioting hood rats and armed pogy goblins, no it’s red state America that is the enemy – and this is a display of that fear and loathing. Read the new Obama provisions in the NDAA, there is provision for door to door confiscation of stockpiled emergency food, arms and supplies – they want total dependence – this is a political class cabal with evil intentions.

We in Canada are not immune from creeping martialism in the Federal authority structure either – remember High River, Bruce Montague, hundreds of no knock seizures, NWEST, ERT, Bill blair and the G20 - it’s here. I recall going to Ottawa for a mass protest against C68 and we spotted sniper teams on roof tops (probably RCMP as no insignia was visible), is this common for all the left wing demos?, I think not. I have met these psycho fed cops at firearms freedom events and they all want the SHTF orders so they can “take out you gun nuts once and for all”. “Gun nuts” and “terrorists” that’s all you are to fascist-tainted authority.

Constitutionally principled citizens who dissent from federal Ubermensch martialism are strategic targets in a war against free citizens that has been raging since the first shots in the coup were fired in 1963. Ferguson was just a small hint of the full agenda.

--- Occam

Alyric said...

The interesting thing is that even while things like this are happening, there are some positive signs around the country as well.

Just as an example, last year deep blue Connecticut passed a terrible anti-gun law... and most of the state's gun owners chose to ignore it, becoming de facto outlaws in the process.

Obviously, the state can't throw (an estimated) hundreds of thousands in prison, and even in Connecticut, door-to-door gun confiscations would be... well, let's go with 'bad news'.

One of the first rules of any leadership position is never to give an order unless you're certain it will be followed. The same can probably be said of laws - and there are signs that the left has started to push too far.

It's just a shame it took so long to get there.