Monday, January 26, 2015

Maclean's loses the thread again: Canada's race problem worse than USA!!!

Maclean's, in a frantic scramble to find relevance, wanders further off into the blasted wasteland of lost Leftist causes. Canada, they intone, is a racist nation. Woe be unto us for we have sinned.

The racial mess in the United States looks pretty grim and is painful to watch. We can be forgiven for being quietly thankful for Canada's more inclusive society, which has avoided dramas like that in Ferguson, Mo. We are not the only ones to think this. In the recently released Social Progress Index, Canada is ranked second amongst all nations for its tolerance and inclusion.

Unfortunately, the truth is we have a far worse race problem than the United States. We just can't see it very easily.

Yes, we have sinned indeed, for we have left the Poor Indians in dire straits.

Terry Glavin, recently writing in the Ottawa Citizen, mocked the idea that the United States could learn from Canada's example when it comes to racial harmony. To illustrate his point, he compared the conditions of the African-American community to Canada's First Nations. If you judge a society by how it treats its most disadvantaged, Glavin found us wanting. Consider the accompanying table. By almost every measurable indicator, the Aboriginal population in Canada is treated worse and lives with more hardship than the African-American population. All these facts tell us one thing: Canada has a race problem, too.

How are we not choking on these numbers? For a country so self-satisfied with its image of progressive tolerance, how is this not a national crisis? Why are governments not falling on this issue?

Well, mostly because the plight of the Indians in Canada is 100% created and maintained by the Federal government. If they just cut off all the welfare and stopped flying stuff in to those remote reserves... they'd all move away and join the rest of us in Civilization. They'd get jobs, buy homes, and generally behave like everybody else. Or, you know, close enough.

Government stops that from happening by flying free food, fuel and snowmobiles in to hamlets of 45 people deep in the bush, 200 miles from the nearest road. The result, crushing poverty and societal malfunction on an epic scale. Duh.

But I'm a RAAAAACIST for saying so. I'm supposed to just shut up and pay the money.

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