Friday, January 23, 2015

Gun law, and the importance of having Friends.

Remember when David Gregory went on Meet the Press live from Washington DC, and showed an AR-15 mag on TV? Remember how many people wondered why he wasn't arrested and charged with a gun crime for that? Here's why:'s William A. Jacobson wrote: "The short version is that the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department warned NBC News that it could not possess an actual high-capacity magazine, but NBC News went ahead and did it anyway. The MPD recommended a warrant for Gregory's arrest, but that request was nixed by the D.C. Attorney General Irvin Nathan because — my paraphrase — Gregory was just too nice a guy and had no other criminal intent."

The incident occurred Dec. 23, 2012 when Gregory displayed a 30-round magazine for effect while interviewing LaPierre following the Newtown shootings.

In Washington [DC], it is illegal to possess a magazine holding 10 rounds or more, even if empty.

Yeah, its illegal... unless you have a Special Deal with the district attorney's office. Then all that matters is if you're a "nice guy" or not. Clearly "nice guy" means loyal DemocRat and VIP in the media.

If Wayne LaPierre had held the magazine, they'd most likely have charged him AND perp-walked him out of the studio in cuffs on live TV. Because Wayne LaPierre is not a "nice guy" by those standards.

It pays to have friends.

The Phantom


Anonymous said...

Laws that are enforced selectively based upon the perceived politics of the perpetrator are the very definition of tyranny.

Occam said...

Phantom you and I both know that gun laws have only one purpose and result - population control - a monopolistic government claiming a monopoly og the use of defensive force.

Given that historically gun control states have disarmed the public and what follows were political cleansings and pogroms under a police state culture, this tells you all you need to know about the governments and parties and politicians pimping "gun control".

Anyone who would claim the right to remove your means of self defense/survival yet not guarantee your safety is immoral - it should not surprise us such entities do immoral and pathologically hypocritical things.

The Phantom said...

Testify, my friends!