Wednesday, October 31, 2012

US Cops can now put cameras on your property without a warrant.

Big Brother is getting it all his own way in court these days, let me tell you.

CNET has learned that U.S. District Judge William Griesbach ruled that it was reasonable for Drug Enforcement Administration agents to enter rural property without permission -- and without a warrant -- to install multiple "covert digital surveillance cameras" in hopes of uncovering evidence that 30 to 40 marijuana plants were being grown.

Now, I'm no lawyer. At all. But it seems to me that if a person is to have any hope of security on their own property, whatever size it may be, then government officials need to show -somebody- probable cause before waltzing around on your property, much less planting cameras there. Otherwise cops can do whatever the hell they want, and that is not a good position for citizens to be in.

According to Wikipedia, Judge William C. Griesbach is a Bush appointee. George seems to have screwed the pooch on this one.

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