Thursday, November 01, 2012

Will Sandy help Obama? Update: Not So Much.

Here's Barry "managing the response" during the storm.
"I gotta get one of those big screens for the beach house."
Here's Barry staring pensively down the river with Gov. Christie playing Second Banana.
"Hey Christie, is that your car down there?"
Here's Barry and Christie in  Marine One burning five hundred gallons per hour flying over the New Jersey shore accomplishing absolutely nothing.
"Come on Barry, I wanted to be door gunner"
 Here's forty zillion pissed off Jersey voters lined up for a five gallon can of fuel. For eight hours.
"Yeah? Well if Romney wins these lines will be TWICE as long!"
Here's some New Yorkers who are not rubbies getting dinner from a dumpster. Nice purse, baby.
"I was too stupid to get milk -before- the storm."

Government spokesmen are saying the power may be out for a week, fuel may be short for longer. Maybe they should siphon up what's running out of these cabs then, eh?
"We were too stupid to park -above- sea level."
 Where's Barry today? 
"What happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas!"
 Obama may not carry New York.

The Phantom

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