Friday, November 09, 2012

Hot girls and bacon!

Yes its FRIDAY again, and time for more Hot Girls and BACON!

Today, because we are thinking of you, its girls from Israel! YAY!

 Takes a lot to look good in combats, but she does!The M-16 is a very fetching accessory, too.

Is she wearing combats?

Ok, definitely not combats.

Say, is that a Gucci rifle sling you have there?
 All those girls are making me HUNGRY! Let's have some bacon! And beer! With guns on it!

Now that's tactical bacon!!
Breakfast is served!


max said...

The tanto utensil is a nice touch :)

The Phantom said...

Whole post full of awesome chicks with guns and you're talking about the cutlery, Max.

Yeah, I like the tanto too. ~:D