Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The US POTUS debate.

Well, I watched the debate. This is a picture of my eyeball bleeding from it.

Candy Crowley deserves a Heisman trophy for best blocker of the year. Most blatant interference in a debate imaginable. CNN credibility goes down out of the gutter and enters new subterranean territory.

Barry blathered, Romney skewered him time after time despite Crowley throwing herself on grenade after grenade for Barry. The guy has the game fixed and he still can't win.

What a tool.

The Phantom

Update: Morning after! This is a very apt critique of the debate from John Tamney at Forbes magazine. It is entitled "Romney v. Obama Was a Nauseating Draw, and Both Deserve to Lose"
Surely there were differences between them, but to watch the debate was to see two candidates vying to say who would cut taxes the least for top earners, who would “crack down” most on China, and who believed the most in an “all of the above” energy strategy. Neither said much of import, if at all, each candidate won certain segments, but the impossible to escape conclusion was just how unimpressive both candidates were.
This seems a trifle harsh, because as I said above Barry  spent a great deal of time blathering. Also lying. Like, outright bald faced kinda lying. However Tamney is right. Mittens is first and foremost a Big Government liberal. He likes regulation and social control. He likes gun control. He just isn't a saboteur, whereas Obama absolutely is.

Americans have yet again been denied the opportunity to vote for a Conservative presidential candidate. Yet again stuck with voting for the lesser of two liberals. So really in the next four years its going to be up to the US conservatives to get out there and kick their Congresscritters in the tender parts and shrink the government by slow strangulation. It does not seem that y'all are ever going to get somebody who believes in Conservatism past the entrenched poobahs of the Republican party.

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