Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Will Hurricane Sandy Help Obama? (He asked with gritted teeth.)

The Big News of today is that Barry is heading down to New Jersey to "view the devastation" with Chris Christie the Republican governor of NJ. Mr. Christie said nice things about Barry yesterday, and the recovery effort is being reported wall-to-wall with unctuous praise by the big media outlets.

The Image.

Will this help Barry next Tuesday?

Short answer, No.

I don't think it will help him even in New York and New Jersey.  Because despite the vast media build-up and 24/7 coverage of the storm, Sandy was NO BIG DEAL anywhere except the NY/NJ shoreline. If you weren't within a mile of the ocean and at or below sea level, nothing extraordinary happened to you. Normal storm, normal storm damage.

In my case, the storm center tracked right over my house in Ontario. It was so windy and rainy that a bit of bark came off one of my trees. That was the common experience across most of the affected area. We all rolled our eyes, cut up the odd tree limb with the trusty chainsaw and went to work as normal Tuesday morning.

Cars belonging to people who parked below sea level.

People with underground parking on the southern tip of Manhattan are having a bad week for sure, but in all fairness they were warned and warned and warned and threatened and screamed at for a week to move those f-ing cars. Sorry dudes, but my sympathy is somewhat limited.

The reality.

Today Barry will stupidly go down to the affected area of the Jersey shore. He and his security detail will frig up traffic and stop work for most of the day while he gets photographed looking pensively out to sea, maybe picking up a child's toy he finds right next to where he's standing in the wreckage.

Where's the tape? How's Barry gonna find that?!
Which will absolutely not have been planted there and marked with orange gaffer tape by the advance team. Then they will all go away, and the actual work will finally resume. And Barry will jet off to Vegas again.

gaffer tape begone!
 Longer answer, nobody with a brain is watching the mainstream media anymore, so the photo-op will be a complete waste. It may even hurt him if guys like me get hold of a picture with orange gaffer tape next to a cute toy during the event. Also he's flying to Vegas again, which naturally leads us to think about his last Vegas trip right after Benghazi. It seems that there is much more and dirtier dirt about to come out regarding Benghazi. So that's going to hurt.

Also there are some indications that Barry's personal fingerprints have been found on some of the solar power grants that went bad.

Unless there is some massive vote fraud and shenanigans, I hereby renew my prediction that Barry will be a one-hit wonder. Should shenanigans prevail and he gets elected by the graveyards of the nation, the House and Senate will go majority Republican and Barry will be impeached before Easter.

Enjoy your Halloween, and all you Americans vote early and often!


max said...

Yeah, and even if it WERE a big deal, neither New Jersey nor New York are exactly swing state state turf. Plus, out-of-state voters probably won't be falling over each other to pour federal money over the disadvantaged people of .. Manhattan? Unless Romney does something incredibly stupid, I can't see Obama using it advantageously.

The Phantom said...

Hey Max. Romney screwing up between now and Tuesday? He'd have to drive that campaign bus over a whole daycare and an old folks home.

WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

If Romney's bus accidentally runs over a squirrel, the media will claim it's a warmup for furture close encounters with a daycare, probably with Jerry Sandusky at the wheel. :P

Bonus: Krugman rocks on through a blackout thanks to his generator. Can lascivious tales of bug-out bags and gold coins be far behind?

The Phantom said...

Krugman running a generator... well I guess donating some of Gaia's lifeblood to keep him connected will be worth it. After all, where would we be without the wisdom of the great Krugman?

Black Mamba said...

Kevin DuJan at Hillbuzz thinks Sandy will be a disaster for the Dems.

"I told you that by Friday of this week people in the one-party-rule Democrat enclaves affected by the path of Hurricane Sandy would be FURIOUS because the slow-moving and incompetent public sector unions there would not restore order quickly…and conditions would look like those in a horror movie. This is how things will be in New York and New Jersey until the spring, folks…and certainly until after the election next Tuesday.

Today, we learn that well-dressed middle class New Yorkers are EATING OUT OF GARBAGE DUMPSTERS because Democrats have not restored basic services in a city they completely control and a state they control.

Do you understand the ramifications of this?"

Of course, as max points out, NY and NJ aren't exactly swing states.

The Phantom said...

I just saw that dumpster diving thing on Drudge Report. I'm having an extended conversation/flame war with Davenport at Kate's here:

The topic is why FEMA is CRAP and needs to be shuttered. FEMA is so completely full of shit they can't get fuel out of FULL TANKS in gas stations. They're so full of crap they can't get food to the bottom half of Manhattan Island from stores on the top half.

Davenport LOVES FEMA, predictably. Foolish chesterfield.

WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

...speaking of FEMA, I remembered that major corporations with emergency generators rely on contractors to deliver fuel to them after 48 hours. With FEMA on the job, any fuel provisioner may well find their own fuel and generating equipment being confiscated "for the greater good"!

Hope you don't have any money in a New York/New Jersey bank...

The Phantom said...

The latest on FEMA and the awesome relief effort is they're diverting trucks, equipment, food and cops... for the New York Marathon.

Genius, eh? I have a new post up about it.