Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How to tell when Conservatives are wining.

When you see Liberals busy with moving the goal posts, Conservatives are winning. Here's Iggy moving them at Stanford:
"Speaking recently to an audience at the Stanford Humanities Center, Ignatieff described a "crisis of representation" that he sees emerging from the increasingly divided political culture of both the United States and Canada.
One of the few political intellectuals to have led a political party, Ignatieff drew on personal knowledge as he outlined in his talk, part of the Presidential Lecture series, how partisanship is tearing politics apart by turning adversaries into enemies."
This is of course utter balderdash. Iggy experienced first hand the wrath of a Canadian electorate sick to death of tax-and-spend Liberalism and wide spread corruption in high places.  Between Adscam, the gun registry, Dionkey's Green Shaft and Paul Martin's military photo-op adventures in Afghanistan, the Liberal Party of Canada has burned through all its credibility. They are reduced to pimping Justin "Shiny Pony" Trudeau as a replacement for Count Iggula, in the faint, tenuous hope that mere name recognition will re-ignite the cold dead ashes of what used to be Canada's Ruling Party.  A guy who's brother does propaganda for Iran. No one else with any pretensions at common sense will touch the Liberal leadership race with a barge pole.

In other words, they're thieving assholes who got away with it for 70 years.

A "divided political culture" is not a problem when one side of the division is working to subvert the will of the electorate and pervert the machinery of government, changing it into their own private cash machine. The other side of that equation is the people trying to stop them.
As Ignatieff outlined, voter disdain is warranted. Together, waning legislative democracy and heightened partisanship threaten democracy's key role, which is to "enable opponents to compromise for the good of the nation."
Except compromise does not serve the good of the nation. At the present time, "compromise" only benefits the Liberals. A compromise with the Liberals these days is like compromising with robbers that they only take your cash, not your credit cards too.

You don't make deals with robbers. You beat them up.

The Phantom


WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

One of the few political intellectuals to have led a political party, Ignatieff drew on personal knowledge...

Solid. Comedy. Gold.

Like I said before, away from his love of military adventurism, he is a bog-standard liberal.

The Phantom said...

Count Iggula: World's most pompous prat.