Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Retards mad at Ann Coulter.

And by "retards" I mean the usual suspects in the mainstream media's sub-specialty of perpetually offended journalists. Not people who have actual brain damage. They actually don't care, mostly.

Here's the Coulter tweet: "I highly approve of Romney's decision to be kind and gentle to the retard."

I said something like that last night while watching Barry crash and burn, that Romney was looking at him pityingly. As if Barry were just a "pair  laddy who couldn'ay help it." That's Scottish for "retard".  Grandfather Phantom speaks from beyond the veil.
Well, now comes the hissy. From Tommy Christopher:

Conservatives will have to square this deranged disrespect for the office of the presidency for themselves, but hopefully, people all over the political spectrum will educate Ms. Coulter about the relative merits of attacking an entire population of disabled people.

Apart from the hilarity of the claim that "disabled" (retarded) people would be upset by Coulter comparing them to Barack Obama (psssst, Tommy! They won't get it. They're disabled.) , I think Barack Obama has shown more disrespect for the office of the presidency these last four years than Coulter ever could.

I mean, all Ann ever does is talk and write books.  Barry has gotten people -killed- lately.

H/T Kathy Shaidle, 5ft of Fury

The Phantom

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