Friday, November 11, 2005

Rudeness of the Left its defining feature

Ever notice how frickin' RUDE Lefties are when you accidentally transgress against their values?  Say "girls" in the wrong place, let slip that you don't hate George Bush, even wear a poppy on Rememberance Day and you get an earfull of violent derision.  Here's an example, some peacemonger in BC with a chip on his shoulder about Rememberance Day.  That's November 11th for you Yankee types.  ~:D Check this:

Honouring suffering

I imagine that if the Nazis had taken over the world, we would be encouraged to celebrate that conquest on some day of observation, perhaps "honouring" the soldiers of the Fatherland and the sacrifices that they made as the Third Reich spread its "benevolent influence" over the world, heralding an age of prosperity and racial purity. On the other hand, they might have developed a pithy slogan to represent their foul cause, perhaps one like "freedom". Either way, I wouldn't wear a swastika on my lapel on that day, just like I don't wear a poppy on my lapel on Remembrance Day.

Uh huh, swastica equals poppy.  Got it.  So genius, what were you planning on doing about Adolph's hordes?

Non-violent fighting

Of course, the question must be addressed, "Faced with the Nazi menace, what were we to do?" Mahatma Gandhi, who also faced oppressive imperial forces during his lifetime, said, "Non-violence is a weapon of the strong." When faced with oppression and injustice, sometimes it can be easier to lash out in violent reaction - one that will further propagate the conflict, perhaps sowing seeds of future conflicts - than to react in a constructive, non-violent way that will actually resolve the conflict, giving rise to things such as true freedom and democracy. What would Gandhi have done in Poland or Germany if he were faced with the advance of the Third Reich and witness to the holocaust?

Perhaps, in protest, he would have joined a line up of Jewish people waiting to board a train to Auschwitz. Would you have the courage to make that sacrifice? Would I?

Hopefully, we'll never have to find out. I've always wondered about how the soldiers guarding concentration camps were able to supervise such genocide. They were, after all, just boys, the same in many respects as those Canada sent overseas. Of course, they were able to do it because they participated in a shared delusion; they believed that their victims were not human and that their actions were for the greater good. I like to think that it would have been possible to open their eyes to reality if more people had stood peacefully opposed to their actions. Perhaps if their mothers had joined my hypothetical Gandhi in the line-up for the concentration camps, they might have seen the evil they were perpetrating for what it was and stopped participating in it.

Yeah, that'd work.  And Brits = Nazis too.  Got it.   How does this have anything to do with remebering the fallen?

Opting out

Regardless of whether I'm right or if I'm deluded myself, the fact is that violence is a never ending cycle and there is no question that "the war to end all wars" doesn't exist, unless, of course, it exterminates all of us. That is why I oppose war and refuse to wear a symbol that justifies and glorifies it. While I'm glad that I don't live in a country ruled by Nazis and I don't have to protest observations of the glory of the Third Reich under penalty of death or imprisonment, I do insist on exercising my freedom by not honouring the fictitious efficacy of military solutions that divide humanity rather than renew it.

That means that, instead of wearing a poppy on November 11th, I wear a symbol of peace on my lapel to represent my hope and aspiration that we are capable of something better than war to defend our precious way of life. If we aren't, it isn't worth protecting.

So he supports the soldiers, but not the war?  Riiiight.

Published on August 23rd or something, this would be merely a statement of Lefty delusion and perfectly unremarkable.  These are Mr. McLeod's beliefs, he's entitled to them no matter how ill informed or mad they may be.  Whatever floats your boat buddy, free country, just don't expect me to cheer eh?

However Mr. Mcleod has decided to publish on November 9th, in order to use the light of Rememberance Day to cast a longer shadow.  "Hey look at me!  No poppy!  I'm not a WAR MONGER like YOU!!!"  That's not a statement of belief, that's using the deaths of others as a platform to disrespect their sacrifice.  And its frickin' rude, man.

Example two, Canadian Forces recruiters get mobbed at Canadian universities.  No really, they did!  Remember, were're talking pre-Rememberance Day event, during wartime. It isn't widely noised about, but Canada has people being shot at in Assghanistan right now.  Shhh, don't tell anyone!

F'in RUDE!

The Phantom


Candace said...

The absurdity is only surpassed by the tawdry grandstanding. To think that thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of Canadians gave their lives so that thes idiots could spout off at will, without fear of repercussion, is very sad.

The Phantom said...

I seem to recall Ghandi himself was once asked this question, what he would have done agasinst the Nazis. His answer was something to the effect that non-violence would have worked...eventually.

Like maybe after the only people left on earth were a couple dozen millon Germans.