Friday, November 18, 2005

An interesting conflict of rhetoric.

I rarely comment on the abortion debate, because I don't find it that interesting.  Two deeply entrenched ideologies battling away at each other, one side losing badly.  Boring. 

As much as I can't support late term abortions (infanticide!) I REALLY don't want government getting their thumbs in there, so to speak.  The one thing that could make the situation uglier is government.  "Hello, Ministry of Abortions, Late Term Division.  Yes Ma'am.  Yes Ma'am that's right. You forgot for 12b, you go to jail. ...Uh huh.... Well, you should have been more careful when you filled out the paperwork then, eh?  Bye now." 

However, this article has raised an interesting point.  According to the poll, most people in Canada favor some kind of restrictions on abortions, yet there is no political party taking advantage of this pool of opinion to get elected.  Nobody will suggest regulations, and only the Conservatives do not actively champion perfect freedom of choice in the matter. 

Meaning that abortion is the only place where the Left in this country works to increase personal freedom!

Consider, in the gun control debate Conservatives defend the traditional freedom to own a gun for self defense, while the Left seeks to remove that freedom and replace it with government regulation.  In the "ecology" debate the Conservatives seek to defend the traditional right to private property, right to purchase freely what you want, etc.  The Left seeks to end private property rights and to have government decide what kind of cars, appliances and furnaces and plumbing and clothing and who knows what all people can buy.  Public health, same deal.

The reason at base I believe is because the Left as a whole thinks people are stupid.  Too stupid to choose the right car, we must constrain them.  Too stupid to manage a gun safely, we must ban them.  Too stupid to know smoking is bad for them, ban smokes too. Too stupid to make a living, we must look after their welfare.  Etc.

Yet, these same imbeciles are paradoxically 100% capable of deciding about an abortion, even at the age of 12!  Without parental consent of course, because parents are too stupid to be allowed into the discussion.  In fact, no regulation or monetary impediment can be allowed to interfere with the right of every female to make an unconstrained choice to have an abortion.

This is ideologically equivalent to zero regulation on firearms, for example.  In fact, not only are guns to be freely available to all, and not only will they be for sale at the corner store like chips and ice cream, if you cannot afford one a gun will be given to you at taxpayer expense!  Free!  And they will give you ammo too!  And even a place to practice, and people to teach you!

I'd be interested to see the average Lefty address this rift, this gaping chasm in their otherwise seamless disdain for freedom of choice.  It is so glaring that one suspects the shadow of an ulterior motive, eh?

The Chasmic Phantom

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