Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Deer attacks up, media confused

Bucks in a wooded California suburb (note, no hunting the nice deer you
mean old rednecks) have taken to attacking people and dogs this year.
ABC news reporter Amanda Onion is confused by this. Her headline says
"Deer Attacks Puzzle Wildlife Officials", but the officials aren't puzzled.

> "What happens is these animals get more comfortable around people and
> people start to think of them like Bambi and often don't realize they
> can be dangerous," said Steve Martarano of the California Department
> of Fish and Game.

Nope, no confusion there. Lefty bunny hugger media types think deer are
harmless. Deer good, hunters bad. This is The Way It Is. When some
rude occurrence of reality challenges their picture of The Way It Is,
they can't manage. "Deer bad, hunters ... good? What do you think I
am, a Republican?!"

Such is the power of Leftist propaganda and group think. Present a Left
leaning media type with incontrovertible proof that a 6 foot, 300 pound
herbivore, that can accelerate from zero to 30 mph in two seconds flat
and has big spikes on its head is dangerous, and you get "Deer Attacks
Puzzle Wildlife Officials."

Deer good, hunters bad. Remember that, it will make you feel better as
Bambi's bigger brother sticks his horns in your neck. Try chanting "a
dog is a rat is a pig is a boy" while you wait for the ambulance.

The Horned Phantom

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