Sunday, November 06, 2005

MPs scarier than the enemy.

This is just disgusting:
SENIOR army doctors have warned that troops in Iraq are suffering levels of battle stress not experienced since the second world war because of fears that if they shoot an insurgent, they will end up in court.

The two senior Royal Army Medical Corps officers, one of whom is a psychologist, have recently returned from Basra, where they said they counselled young soldiers who feared a military police investigation as much as they did the insurgents.

Gee, haven't we seen this before?  In the Soviet Union maybe?  How insufferably friggin' stupid, take a bunch of kids, stick 'em in a WAR ZONE and then tell them they can't shoot back or they go to jail.  Political correctness on the battlefield, what a good idea.

The Brits are starting to scare me a bit.

The Phantom

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