Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Lefty Mind Revealed (again)

I like demonstrating the thinking that dominates the Left and their social policies.  Here's a nice comparison piece about the North Carolina concealed carry permit law.  The law is ten years old this week. Despite dire predictions of death in the streets and blood flowing in the gutters and etc., crime rates have fallen.  A lot.

Here's what the two sides said about it.

Lisa Price, executive director of North Carolinians Against Gun Violence, said that is because her organization and other gun control advocates fought to make sure that certain restrictions and training requirements were included in the law.

Paul Valone, president of Grass Roots North Carolina, a gun-rights organization, said that many of the restrictions placed in the state's concealed handgun law actually hinder its effectiveness. "We think it's worked exactly as it was intended," he said. "We now have tens of thousands of permit holders and very few cases of demonstrated abuse."

The anti-gun, Lefty, Democrat party opinion is that keeping guns away from as many people as possible and supervising permit holders as much as possible makes a good law.

"For them (gun advocates) the gun is the solution to most problems," she said. "For us, we feel like the gun makes the problem worse and often creates the problem.

Because, you know, people are stupid. If you don't restrain and supervise them, they'll go nuts and kill somebody.  "The gun is the solution to most problems."  If it moves, some fool will shoot it.  This is the Lefty mentality.

The pro-gun side has maintained from the beginning that people use firearms as self defense in a safe and reasonable way, given the chance. 
Valone said he sees some of the restrictions as unnecessary, like allowing local governments to ban concealed weapons at parks. It doesn't allow joggers to protect themselves from attackers.
Because, you know, people are smart enough not to draw their weapon and wave it around at the park where there's kids and dogs and grandma going for a walk.  Plus, the average person is not going to kill another human being just because they are cranky that day.  That isn't who people are, according to pro-gun advocates.

One of these two sides has ten years of evidence backing them up.  Note that the article doesn't say its the pro-gun side.

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