Friday, November 25, 2005

And we wonder why Canada is so dorky

I think the headline says it all:

Former Canadian Minister Of Defense Asks Canadian Parliament To Hold Hearings On Relations With Alien "Et" Civilizations

This was Paul Hellyer, deputy Prime Minister to ...wait for it!...  Pierre, Elliot, Trudeau. It seems the penchant for socialists to believe 12 impossible things before breakfast just never stops.  If you can believe that increasing taxes above 50% of median income and bottomless handouts to the poor and single parent families and gay marriages and safe injection sites for junkies are all good for the nation, believing in UFO's is perhaps a fairly short step.

If Hellyer had landed on the steps of Parliament in a flying saucer, accompanied by the Grand Poobah of Zarkonia dressed in his finest crystal encrusted tentacle sleeves, with a full entourage of Sub Poobahs and etc., backed up by the Zarconian Grand Fleet (Poobah's Own) in orbit he might have had a point.  Absent same he's just another demented moonbat angling for some TV face time.  Wonderful!

Frankly I don't know which stretches the imagination more, the existence of UFO's or an alien civilization giving a shit what the Canadian Parliament thinks.

The Embarrassed Phantom


Albatross said...

Amen, Phantom. If there is a race of advanced beings watching and abducting us on a fairly regular basis, why would they care if the Canadian government gives them the benefit of the doubt?

The Phantom said...

If there are aliens and they behave the way all the popular nut groups say they do, with the cattle mutilations, crop circles and abductions, I'd say they were begging to be shot at myself.

So even if he's right, Hellyer is STILL out to lunch. The Americans would have the biggest moon base they could manage and be building steadilly, and Hellyer would be just another "Peace in Our Time" idiot.

However, the truth of the matter is he's just a garden variety nut with a resume. Makes me wonder how many more such nuts there are rattling about the Liberal Party.