Monday, November 14, 2005

Layton confirms The Phantom: NDP are pinko idiots.

Imagine for a moment the leader of a national party so lame that he
blames the crime in his country's major city on another country. Who's
that lame (aside from Paul Martin)? Jack Layton!

> The roots of Canada's gun problems are in the United States, and an
> NDP government would lobby the Americans for better gun control south
> of the border to improve things in this country, Jack Layton said
> Thursday.
> "What we are focusing on is the increasing evidence that the biggest
> problem is illegal guns coming in from the U.S.," Layton told reporters.
> "We're proposing going across the border to the U.S. and actively
> engaging in lobbying to have gun-control laws in the U.S. strengthened."
Yep that's right, the biggest crime problem in Canada is American guns!
Not wimpy sentences, not imbecilic gun regulations that punish regular
citizens but set criminals free, not a border so porous that Saddam
Hussein and Ossama Bin Ladin could fly in from Assghanistan with a
couple plane loads of assault rifles and attack Buffalo without ever
seeing a Canadian Border Patrol cop. Nope, its the AMERICANS! Those
BASTARDS! He's going to lobby them into submission, by George!
And the registry?

> Layton said his party does not support the scrapping of the
> billion-dollar federal gun registry, implemented under the Liberal
> government.
> But he stressed that it needs to be fixed after being "botched
> terribly by the Liberals."
> A senior party official said changes would include an overhaul of the
> registration system to make it more simple. There would also be cuts
> to the bureaucracy, the official said.
Bad Liberals, gooood registry.

He also said some pretty idiotic things about health care:

> Layton also reaffirmed his party's commitment to amend the Canada
> Health Act to prohibit any new private funding of health care,
> including diagnostic procedures such as MRIs -- something he says the
> other two parties refuse to do.

Yep, that's ZERO private medicine kids. Better get used to those wait
lines, eh?

Jack is going for Liberals Lite. All the yummy socialism without the
filling corruption. Same shite, different pile.


The Phlaberghasted Phantom

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