Saturday, May 31, 2014

When is an American not an America UPDATE!!

Sudanese authorities are to free a woman who was sentenced to death for having abandoned the Islamic faith, a foreign ministry official says.

Meriam Ibrahim, who gave birth to a daughter in custody, will be freed in a few days, the official told the BBC.

Abdullahi Alzareg, an under-secretary at the foreign ministry, said Sudan guaranteed religious freedom and was committed to protecting the woman.

Khartoum has been facing international condemnation over the death sentence.

It seems somebody made a rather pointed phone call to some poobah in Sudan who was in a position to force the weirdos to behave.

Why do I think that somebody was not Barack Obama, or a minion of his? And couldn't it have been made before this poor woman had to give birth in a Sudanese jail? Can you say unsanitary?

The Phantom


Alyric said...

Of course not. Obama was busy freeing five high risk terrorists from Guantanamo in exchange for an American 'hostage'.

What's the difference between the American that the administration is willing to save, and all of those they aren't? I'm so glad you asked!

Apparently, if you want this administration to watch your back, you need to abandon your duties - especially if you're in the American military, you filthy infidel - and join the glorious jihad against the Great Satan.

But - as Kate at SDA would say - "Not a Muslim, nonononononono...".

The Phantom said...

Hi Alyric,

Sorry I left this in comment-approval Hell for a week, been busy.

I think this Bergdhal thing is coming back to bite him on the ass like a Great White shark though. Small consolation, but we take it where we can find it.